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Happy birthday Salamis…

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Happy birthday Salamis…

Celebration day for Nea Salamina, as today marks 73 years of life.

“73 years of history! 73 years of NEW SALAMINA, FAMAGUSTA! ” writes the announcement of the Famagusta team.

The announcement of the fans of the team SELAMINE BROTHERS Our historic association is 73 years old since its foundation. A club that stands on its own two feet despite any difficulties it has encountered. Neither the war nor the uprooting bent us and unfortunately for many, they will not be able to bend us either. We are the flame that will NEVER go out. 73 years and not a day less. March 7, 1948. A group of VAROSIOTES guys, led by Antonis Totsis and Nikis Georgiou, remained faithful to their values and ideals, defying the political regime of the time. At the Hadjihampi cinema, our ancestors founded an association that would embrace everyone, without political and social discrimination. An association that was named NEA SALAMINA FAMAGUSTA. This association has marked our lives. SALAMINA has been at war since its first day on a social and athletic level. But she was never alone. He always had US. If asked what's worth in our lives, 21 letters is enough to answer. NEW SALAMINA OF FAMAGUSTA. Look up the word “paranoia” in the dictionary, maybe then you will understand what it means for your whole life to be wrapped in two colors. Red and white. Then go and tell the cops, agents and players not to play with OUR SALAMINA because we “are not very good in our minds”. As a Fans Association of the NEW SALAMINA FAMAGUSTA, Red Rebels, we publicly express our intention and will to stand on the front line and defend OUR club. We will always hold high the ideals that our group has been advocating since 1948. We were, are and will remain the union of resistance. We were, are and will remain the association of dreamers. WE ARE THE NEW SALAMINA OF FAMAGUSTA. 73 YEARS OF HISTORY – 73 YEARS OF PROUD PS YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US. PS1 and at 100 I will sing it in Famagusta

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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