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Hatzipantela points the finger at the strikers – “Problems are solved through dialogue”

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Κουναει το δαχ&tau ;υλο στους απεργοyς ο Χατζηπαν&tau ;eλα-«Τα προβλorματα λyνονται με δ ιαλογο»

The Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, reiterated his steadfast position to solve the problems through dialogue today, speaking to journalists, regarding the two-hour work stoppage by the OKYpY staff.   < /b>

The Minister noted that what is desired is to find common ground between the workers and the Organization and added that if this is not achieved, the Ministries of Health and Labor are ready to help reach a compromise solution.< /p>

Responding to a question about the fact that the two-hour work stoppage of OKYPY staff took place today, despite the fact that yesterday afternoon a meeting was convened at the Ministry, between the parties involved, with the aim of avoiding it, Mr. Hatzipantela noted that “permanent position is to solve the problems through dialogue and not through strikes”, something he also raised yesterday with all trade unions, as he said.

“We will proceed with our proposal, as we also informed yesterday, the statement from OKYPY will be given in writing on Monday and the Ministry of Health will be present, if we are asked to take part in this process, so that solutions can also be found for this problem”, replied the Minister.

When asked if yesterday's meeting showed a willingness on the part of the parties involved to come to a mutually acceptable proposal regarding the issue of collective agreements, Mr. Hatzipantela replied that he believes that there is such a mood. “If there is no willingness, we will have to find a way to solve this problem,” he added, saying that “it is right to understand the problems, the positions of both sides, and have a compromise solution.”

He also noted that he is also in contact with the Minister of Labor on the matter, saying that “if the two sides cannot come to an agreement, we will try the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor to see if we should find a compromise solution”, explaining that the starting point will be the proposal that OKYpY will submit on Monday.

He also mentioned that today's two-hour work stoppage caused a little inconvenience to the patients.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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