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Hatzipantela ran 20 kilometers to raise awareness for breast cancer

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Minister of Health ran 20km for breast cancer awareness

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The Race for the Cure organized by Europa Donna Cyprus took place on Sunday morning in Nicosia, with races of 20km, 10km, 5km. 3km, as part of breast cancer awareness and information month. The Minister of Health Michalis Hatzipandelas participated in the event and ran 20km, sending the message that when there is faith in goals, they are conquered.

In a ceremony held after the 20km and 10km races, the Minister of Health after mentioning that he knows firsthand what people affected by cancer experience every day, as close relatives of him fought the disease, he said that he could not help but participate in the race.

Referring to the 20 kilometers he ran, he wondered what is 20 kilometers in front of the agony that a person goes through waiting for the results of diagnostic tests and if it can be compared to the fight for life that cancer patients have with the various treatments they undergo.

He further sent the message that when there are goals and they are strengthened with faith, no matter how difficult these goals may seem, they are conquered.

Source: cyprustimes.com

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