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He abused and killed his partner's 7-year-old son – They hid him in a box they were carrying with them

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He abused and killed his partner's 7-year-old son - They hid him in a box they were carrying with them

The revelations in Greece that a mother is accused together with her partner for the murder of her 7-year-old child can only cause horror.

Five years after the murder of 7-year-old Andreas, the homicide officers managed, not only to find out who killed the child, but also to find shocking details, as the mother's partner had no hesitation, to place the lifeless body of the child. in a toolbox and always have it with him, so that the police can not locate the body.

In fact, behind the murder of the 7-year-old child is a brutal abuse by his mother's companion, who described to the police that he often punished the 7-year-old and that he was beaten and tortured, because, as he said, he was punished for his “bad behavior ».

The day that, once again, Andreas's mother's partner punished him standing up and fasting, he reacted and then the perpetrator closed the child's mouth with an insulating tape and forced him to stand upright in a corner of the house. According to the perpetrator, when they later went to see the condition of the child, he was not breathing. The mother of the child was in front of the whole scene of the murder and did nothing to stop her partner from this murderous act.

But the shocking revelations have no end, since the first thing they thought was how to hide the corpse of a small child. They placed it and hid it in a corner in the attic of the house, which they closed with planks.

All acquaintances and friends were told that the child had been taken by his father, who is Polish, and left for Poland.

But the creepy revelations continue, as when the couple left the house where they lived, they put the body of the child in a box, which looked like a toolbox and for as long as they wandered homeless on the street, they carried the box with the body. child's.

The mother of the seven-year-old and her partner were located and arrested, while a search was carried out at the place where they were staying, where a box was found, which has been transferred to the forensic laboratories for investigation.

Source: cnn.gr

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Source: politis.com.cy

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