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He is an interlocutor of President Christodoulides, says Tatar

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    “He is trying to look cute in Turkey”, claimed Ersin Tatar when asked by the Kipris newspaper to comment on the report of President Christodoulides to talk to the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan about the Cyprus issue

    The newspaper publishes in its main topic the statements of Tatar, who said that the President of the Republic “is trying to be nice to Turkey to get Turkey's support. He says all this as a member of the European Union. If something like this happens (talks on the Cyprus issue), Turkey's attitude will be 'your interlocutor is the president of the Turkish Democratic Party, Ersin Tatar.''

    For Ersin Tatar, sovereignty is his red line and sovereignty he will emphasize to the personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General when she comes back to the island, as he said. “We can talk about what kind of future solution there can be in Cyprus, regarding formal negotiations. These are a number of issues, such as property, border arrangements, territorial and some constitutional issues. All this can of course be discussed. But the main thing is our sovereignty. Without dominance, any agreement is like writing on ice. When the ice melts, you're left with nothing.”

    “If there is to be an international agreement based on equality in the future, that agreement must absolutely be a cooperation between the two states,” Mr. Tatar added. “What the other side believes is that, with the EU behind it, it will eliminate the TDC and Turkish Cypriots will become citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. they make such a scenario. But we are not going to enter such a game,” he said.

    With a solution “based on our sovereignty,” he continued, their ties “with the motherland Turkey must continue in the future as it was always in the past”. They are discussing, he added, the fact that Turkish soldiers will always remain on the island as a deterrent.

    Mr. Tatar recalling that he received an invitation to the summit of the Organization of Turkic States to be held in Azerbaijan in July, he said he is also waiting for an invitation to the summit in Kyrgyzstan, which is scheduled to take place next October. “We expect that each country will comply with the decisions taken in the OTC and we will be represented with our own flag in the meetings held with the members and observer members. I believe it will be so,” he concluded.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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