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He is in a hurry to catch up with the meeting of the Parliament for TA reform.

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Σπεγδει να προλαβει τη σγσκεψη τ&eta ;ς Βουλorς για μεταρρύθμιση Τ.Α.

Early in the morning the political leaders will meet on the Hill to discuss the course of implementation of the Local Government reform. The President's move comes amid discussions about the fate of T.A. reform. and despite the fact that what the political leadership requested from Nikos Christodoulidis was information on the Cyprus issue after the visit of the Secretary General's envoy.

The President of the Republic decided to convene a “national council” with the objective this time of the course of implementation of the reform in local self-government. The meeting with the political leadership became known with the publication of today's program of the President of the Republic without giving any further information.

What we managed to find out was that President Christodoulidis decided to invite the political leadership to Lofos. in order to inform her about the implementation of the reform in the presence of the Minister of the Interior Constantinos Ioannou.

The move by President Christodoulidis to urgently invite the political leadership to go to the Presidential office cannot be ruled out to be related to the fact that the Speaker of the Parliament had since last week decided to call a meeting of the leaders of the parties and in the presence of the Minister of the Interior to discuss the matter of the reform. Political leaders we contacted yesterday did not rule out the possibility that today's meeting is a reaction of President Christodoulidis to Thursday's meeting in Parliament.

The political leadership will expect to hear what the President has to say today of Democracy and will be positioned accordingly on the whole issue. At the same time, questions are being expressed in the party corridors about what the President of the Republic wants to say to the political leadership in relation to the implementation of the Local Self-Government reform, which the Minister of the Interior cannot raise.

President Christodoulidis ten days ago and on the occasion of the debate that broke out around the reform of the T.A. recommended to everyone, including the government, to be careful because elections are coming: “”we must all be very careful, especially the Government, not to enter into approaches or discussions that at the end of the day aim to serve two goals: personal and party expedients”.

He added that “we tried to make changes before we got here, there was no positive response from the Parliament. So, we are moving forward with the implementation of an important reform – so that there is no misunderstanding – this reform had to be done”. He noted that it would be clearly better if there were much fewer municipalities, saying that “we will implement it (the local government reform), we will evaluate it and for any changes that are needed we have the courage to go to the Parliament specifically and change them”.< /p>

The PtD statement was preceded by an announcement by the Parliament which spoke of moves to deconstruct the titanic effort made by all the political forces in the Parliament for the reform of the Local Self-Government. In the announcement, the Parliament recalled that the whole effort concerns one of the most important reform policies for society and with multiple benefits, which was carried out with the sympathy and cooperation of all parliamentary parties, in a way that finally made it possible to bring them together successfully many different opinions and positions. He finally stated that “it is expected and cannot be ruled out in advance the possibility that the practical implementation of such a broad reform effort, which will fundamentally overturn the map and the way local government has operated to date, will run into obstacles, the which, however, with a constructive spirit can certainly be overcome”.

Konstantinos Ioannou had, a week ago, declared that the accusation against the government did not stand because it proceeded to highlight the problems that will arise with the implementation of the reform.  For example, he said, “the fact that the mergers of the Municipalities were done without taking into account the geographical, mainly economic and demographic data, this creates a problem, in the sense that some Municipalities will not be able to offer the same Services and they have the same benefits from the reform, so they will not be as sustainable as other municipalities”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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