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He is waiting for information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on skills workshops for sex education POED

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Αναμèνει ενη&mu ρωση απo ΥΠΑΝ για εργαστorρια δε ξιοτorτων για σεξουαλικor διαπα&iota ;δαγoγηση ΠΟΕΔ

The reference to “skills workshops” regarding the issue of sexual education of students  should be explained, says the President of the POED, Myria Vassiliou, to KYPE.


In response to a related question, Ms. Vassiliou said that regarding the issue of sex education in Kindergartens and Primary Schools, “let's repeat once again that this thematic unit has already been included in the Analytical Programs since 2010 and is taught in both Kindergartens and Primary Schools”. 

“From there on, for any differentiation, we should be officially informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In particular, the reference to 'skills workshops' should be explained, since it is something that does not exist so far in our schools,” he added.

In addition, said Ms. Vassiliou, “we expect that, in addition to information, any differentiation should be accompanied by a corresponding production of educational material and training of the teachers, who will undertake the teaching of the subject in question”.

POED participates in the mobilizations for ATA

The President of POED stated, moreover, that the organization participates in the reaction measures that were co-decided with the rest of the Trade Union Organizations of Cyprus, with the aim of fully restoring A.T.A. and its extension for all employees, next Thursday, January 26, 2023. 

“Especially for our schools, the Board of Directors of POED, unanimously decided to call the members of POED, to suspend classes from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m., with the simultaneous holding of a protest event inside the school premises and without the children leaving the school”, she noted. 

Ms. Vassiliou concluded by saying that after 1:05 p.m., POED calls on its members to participate en masse in the mobilizations that will take place throughout Cyprus.

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