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He lost the trust of the citizens …

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He lost the trust of the citizens ...

I watched (from afar) the sermon of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, concerning the gangrene of corruption, which is sweeping Cyprus and its political world. The issue is not whether or not he convinced the people of long-suffering Cyprus, but what he and his government are really doing about corruption. I am one of those who insist that until today the political system is conciliatory and overlapping.

Potential informants also tremble at the idea of speaking to us in complete secrecy. One of them, with whom we spoke to close a meeting – when the pandemic allows it – to provide us with information on a serious issue concerning Cypriot transport, changed his decision ten times. Unfortunately, people who know about scammers are not protected. The mafia has ways to shut up.

The President of the Republic seemed angry and wronged in his sermon. Offended by whom he did not say specifically, but I guess he refers to his former associates, who paid gold to serve him, and who turned against him, while he was in the same company when they fought passionately and by all means to impose the pro-Turkish Annan plan.

He also left hints – without naming him – for his good colleague Andreas Paraschos who made public the accusation against Mr. Anastasiadis that his former law firm won 300 million from the “golden passports”. It is also rumored that the millions were flown to the Seychelles on a Saudi businessman's plane. Pending any data if any. So far we have not seen them and we are fair, and we will remain. Many speculate that there is a specific political leader behind this issue and his goal was to use the scandal (with or without quotes) to force Mr. Anastasiadis to proceed with the procedures for the “sale” of Cyprus. Horrible if true. And we do not deliberately publish the name of the political leader, because our informant did not want it. But, this incident, as well as many others, pollute the atmosphere in Cyprus and we may face unpleasant situations on the national issue, and there may not be the required resistance and reactions.

I read that political leaders, but also representatives of the media, ask Mr. Anastasiadis to resign. I would say – and let him not be angry because we tell him the truth – that in serious countries the issue of resignation is an expected development when the universe is on fire due to corruption. Cyprus is not included in the serious countries. Who is the innocent one who will be trusted by the people to rise up and overthrow the Presidential Palace? Mr. Andros Kyprianou? Funny things. How much did his resigned MP give to the party as a όλα contribution all the previous years? This money was not the product of the “golden passports” scandal.

In order to clean the stable of Cyprus, the laws that protect political swindlers must be changed. The police have no power and are limited to imprisoning weak people for any fraud and the like. The Attorney General and his Assistant are always appointed by the respective President of the Republic, so there is no way they can ever investigate corruption. We were hoping for the two young people, but it quickly turned out to be “kids” of the system.

So there is no salvation.

The measures announced by Mr. Anastasiadis to fight corruption are not interesting. I'm sorry to say that, but it has lost the trust of the people. As part of our research, we closely monitor social networks. The Cypriot President must do the same. The worst comments are published by users who declare themselves voters of Mr. Anastasiadis.

“The measures – said the President of the Republic – are the largest intervention ever made in the Republic of Cyprus, in order to create the strongest possible network of protection against corruption. “I call on all, with full respect for the different views, in a climate of constructive political confrontation, to jointly address both the problem of corruption and the other critical problems of existence that our people face,” he said.

Unfortunately, the “pulpin eptasen”, Mr. President, as they say in my village…

HYSTEROGRAPH I: We have stressed many times that the game of the Five-Party Conference on the Cyprus issue is set. And we have proved it. He did not have to escape UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to allow nationalist Ersin Tatar to submit his divisive proposal for an unacceptable two-state solution.

Mr Guterres has escaped. Although before becoming Secretary General, he supposedly knew the whole truth about Cyprus and its problem, he proved to be the Trojan Horse of Turkey within the Secretariat of the International Organization.

No, things are not good for Cyprus. Mr Anastasiadis is under a lot of pressure from the British, who use dirty means, even corruption. AKEL general secretary Andros Kyprianou and the president of the Democratic Alarm (DISY) have also made his life miserable for the Cyprus issue. As is well known, the “Left” and the Right in Cyprus agree that the island must be surrendered to the sphere of influence of the occupying power. No chips. And let them try to prove otherwise. The solution they are promoting does not serve the interests of the Greek Cypriots.

And unfortunately, AKEL seduces the ethnocentrists of SYRIZA, and DISY seduces the other responsible phobics of N.D. as a result, we have reached the point where President Anastasiadis and the Minister of Greece, Nikos Dendias, are being led into a blackmail game with a victim in Cyprus. What is happening is horrible.

The only hope for all these plans to be shaken, since after the five-party plan they definitely lead to the final handover, is for the people to overthrow them and humiliate them. There is no other way. This is a diplomatic “coup”. The United Nations, in cooperation with Turkey and Britain, and having imposed unprecedented blackmail on Mr. Anastasiadis and in Athens, will dissolve the Republic of Cyprus and hand it over to the occupying power. The occupied north is hers and the “free” south is controlled. Congratulations Mr. Anastasiadis. You did just fine. The big showdown will take place in the referendum…

HYSTEROGRAPH II: To thank all those who sent us messages about corruption cases in Cyprus and Greece. I would like to ask again, those who have information about corruption cases to contact me. Interest has been expressed in the corruption of the island's political and economic actors by activists of international investigative journalism. Confidentiality is guaranteed (mignatiou1@yahoo.com).

Source: www.philenews.com

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