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He ordered an investigation into the incident with the display of homophobic material in a Lyceum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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An investigation into the incident, with the projection of homophobic material in a Lyceum in Nicosia, was requested by the Ministry of Education, following the public complaint of the independent MP, Alexandra Attalidou, before the Human Rights Committee.

The Ministry of Education ordered the investigations to be carried out, in order to record the events and establish the reason why the particular video was shown. After recording the data, the Ministry of Education will take the corresponding steps.

It is recalled that the incident was disclosed by the independent Member of Parliament, Alexandra Attalidou, during the session of the Human Rights Committee, which was discussing the National Strategy for Gender Equality, and stated that she herself received a message that in a Lyceum in Nicosia, in the context of religious studies course, a video was shown, with the speech of a priest in Greece, who spoke about marriages and homosexuals.

Mrs. Attalidou pointed out that he was initially informed about the incident from a post on social media, where hate speech was mentioned. As she added, she contacted parents and they told them that according to the information they received from the theologians, the specific video is included in the course material, in the chapter on the two sexes.

The video that appears to have been shown, according to the complaint, to the students:

Source: reporter.com.cy

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