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He passed a proposal by MP P. Leonidou for a widow's pension

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He passed a proposal by MP P. Leonidou for a widow's pension

The proposal of the Law submitted by the Member of Parliament for DIKO Limassol, Panikos Leonidou, was accepted today at the meeting of the Parliamentary Labor Committee, by the competent Ministries and the Parliament, in order for someone whose widow or spouse has died and had before his death remarried to the same spouse.

In his statements, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Labor Committee, AKEL Paphos MP Andreas Fakontis stated that because there was a provision that one must have five years of married life to be entitled to a widow's pension, now it has been arranged to add the period of the first marriage and the second marriage , to exceed five years.

Mr. Fakontis already continued, in the Legislation of the Social Insurance Fund this regulation exists and is interpreted in this way and a pension is granted. Regarding the Legislation of civil servants, Mr. Fakontis said that an amendment will be made to cover these cases as well.

Regarding the Bills for the control of lifting machines, which concern safety and health in the workplace, Mr. Fakontis said that the number of lifting machines has increased a lot lately. He added that so far the inspections that were carried out were not substantial, with the result that many machines did not comply with the relevant safety standards and this resulted in accidents at work.

To address this problem, bills and regulations came to the Parliament, where the control of these machines until now was the responsibility of the Department of Safety and Health Inspection, while now it will be transferred to the private sector where there are approved inspectors based on specific qualifications and data. who will exercise this control and the Labor Inspection Department will control the inspectors.

The aim, Mr. Fakontis noted, is to have regular frequent inspections by approved inspectors and inspectors, in order to prevent workers from avoiding the lifting machines.

He also added that this issue will continue to be of concern to the Commission and has already been considered in a first debate, however, as he said, there will be an article-by-article discussion in the coming days to go to plenary in February for a vote.

The Parliamentary Labor Committee in today's session also dealt with the issue that exists with some asphalt concrete companies. We have in front of us some regulations that determine the emissions of gas and at the same time a decree will be issued by the Minister that will determine the amount of these emissions in an effort to control and deal effectively and with penalties the asphalt factories that violate this legislation. said Mr. Fakontis.

As he mentioned, there are two factories at the moment in the area of Dali that are causing serious problems with the pollution of neighboring areas of the residents there, adding that “it is something they have identified and focused more on the process of moving these factories to other licensed premises ”.

Mr. Fakontis stated that a study is being carried out by the companies under the control of the Department of Environment in order to select specific areas so that these units can be installed.

The goal is, he added, to shorten the time, so that there is no long delay in their movement.

As for the regulations, he continued, they are moving in the right direction, adding that the deputies view the adoption of these regulations positively, while at the same time the environmental issues are being discussed in the Committee on Environment.

He further added that they would still have the opportunity to see the rules in another session to conclude the debate to go to a vote next month in February.

At the same time, he said, they will monitor as a Parliament the process regarding the relocation of these units to other suitable places and certainly their new installation will meet the specifications regarding the gas emissions, he concluded.

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