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He pressed APOEL (-5 out of six) and Apollon opened the gap

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He pressed APOEL (-5 out of six) and Apollon opened the gap

Making an imposing appearance and having Biseswar in great spirits in his debut, Apollon prevailed with 1-0 of APOEL in Tsirio for the 22nd game, opened the difference from his pursuers and left the blue and yellows away from the six!

The “golden” goal was scored by Giannis Pittas in the 73rd minute, when after a nice energy of Biseswar and a “break” of Dignini, he dribbled Ensue excellently and beat Silva with a shot.

Apollon was by state superior in the first half, in which he missed several important opportunities to take the lead earlier, with the Limassol team protesting for the 17th minute phase, when the referee Giorgos Nikolaou whistled a penalty for Ludemo's hand and after communication with VAR Vassilis Dimitriou and control of the phase on the monitor, canceled his decision.

VIDEO: The phase with the penalty that was canceled in the derby and the questions

In the second half, APOEL changed its face a bit, but the blue and whites continued to be better, at least for the longest time, since the blue and yellows… woke up only after the goal they conceded.

Apollon, who returned to the three-pointers with his 14th victory of the season, climbed to 47 points and widened his gap from his pursuers, after taking advantage of the losses that Omonia (+3) and AEL (+5, has less game) , while it is at +7 from Anorthosis which has less competition.

APOEL, on the other hand, which for the second “stuck” derby did not taste the joy of victory, remained at 24 points and saw its difference from sixth place increase to five points after the victory of Doxa (29b.), While remained in 10th place and -1 from Paphos, Nea Salamina, Olympiakos.

The evolution of the struggle

End of race

90 '+ 2 Ν Denic inside, Markovic outside

90 '+ 1 μεγάλη Very big phase for APOEL, with Ephraim from the cross in the area catching the strong place but the ball left a little next to the crossbar.

88 Γ Gabriel inside, Jorge outside.

88 Ν Nouchiou inside, Klonaridis outside.

87 'Psychas inside, Biseswar outside.

– APOEL is gaining momentum in the last minutes and is looking for a draw.

82 'Strong beautiful shot by Zahid, the ball went out.

81 μεγάλη Great opportunity for APOEL, Garner made the turn in the area, but the defenders of Apollon drove.

77 'Yellow card to Satsias.

73 'GOAL 1-0 Apollon! Biseswar's pass, Dignini gives to Pitta who scores through the area with great energy.

-Apollo is better in the last fifteen minutes.

69 ′ Another phase for Apollon, shot by Dignini with impeccable style from the height of the penalty, the ball goes out.

67 Π Pittas alone against Silva attempts the place, the APOEL goalkeeper chases with difficulty with his foot.

67 Σα Satsias inside, Ludemo outside.

66 'Matei inside, Papunashvili outside.

66 Για Gianniotas inside, Kyriakou outside.

65 'Yellow card to Anwar who loses one of the next games of APOEL.

64΄Biseswar's head from the height of the penalty, the ball high out.

63 λλο Another misplaced shot for Apollon, this time by Pitta.

– The wind got stronger again.

61 'Inside Garner, outside Sahar.

60 'Papunashvili shot from a good position through the area, the ball high out.

57 Πα Shot by Papunashvili from the height of the area, the ball went far from the home of Silva.

54 Μα Ballia Malekkidi, Silva easily blocks.

-APOEL is clearly improved in the second half.

52 'Strong shot by Ludemo, the ball countered and went to a corner.

50 'Place by Sahar through the area, the ball went out.

46 Αν Anwar inside, Byrne outside.

Start of the second half

Apollon had 58% possession and APOEL 42%. The blue and whites had good opportunities (the wind also favored them), but they did not manage to score. The blue and yellows could not threaten more than one shot by Zahid. The phase of the penalty that the referee initially attributed to Apollon at 17 will be discussed a lot, but after the on field review, Nikolaou changed his mind.

End of the first half

45 'Dignini heads, very inaccurate, the ball goes out.

-The rain and the wind become even stronger.

35 ′ Great opportunity for Apollo! Biseswar through the area attempted the play, Silva repulsed and in the rebound Pittas without a goalkeeper sent the ball over the crossbar. But Pittas was also in an offside position.

37 ′ Biseswar header from very close, the ball over the net.

30 ′ Zahid was at the height of the area, but his shot was missed.

25 ′ Yellow in Kyriakou and loses one of the next two games of Apollon.

-There was a lot of tension on the Apollon bench after the cancellation of the penalty.

20 'Yellow card to Bentogia (assistant of Giannis Petrakis) on the bench of Apollon.

19 ′ After VAR surgery, the referee goes to the monitor and judges that the hand was in a physical hand and canceled the penalty decision. Invalid and the yellow in Lundemos.

17 ′ Penalty for Apollon for a hand by Ludemos.

16 'Papunashvili's shot, the ball counters to Wheeler and Slilva drives to a corner.

15 ′ First phase of the game, pass by Biseswar, Pittas the place through the area, Silva drove to a corner.

11 ′ Apollo holds the ball more without being able to threaten.

9 ′ The strong wind makes the efforts of both teams difficult.

5 ′ Mainly a center game is taking place, with both teams having not yet reached the opponent's home.

2 ′ Reconnaissance balls in the first two minutes, without anything remarkable.

The derby has started

APOLLO : Dimitriou, Pedro, Malekkidis, Roberz, Youste, Kyriakou (66 ′ Gianniotas), Markovic, Papunashvili (66 ′ Matei), Bisesvar (87 ′ Psychas), Pittas, Dignini

APOEL : Silva, Ensue, Jorge (88 ′ Gabriel), Sielis, Wheeler, Ludemo (67 ′ Satsias), Byrne (46 ′ Anouar), Zahid, Klonaridis (88 ού Nouchiou), Ephraim, Sahar ().

YELLOWS : 25 ′ Kyriakou / 65 ′ Anuar, 77 ′ Satsias

REFEREE : Nikolaou George
First Assistant Referee: Nikos Englezou
Second Assistant Referee: Georgiou Pavlos
4th Referee: Koumi Dimitris
VAR : Dimitriou Vassilis
AVAR: Kalogirou Marios
Observer: Captain Costas

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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