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He told her that he was hurting his image and he was outraged – Giolitis resigned from the Ministry with “bombs”. Justice

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He told her that he was hurting his image and he was outraged - Giolitis resigned from the Ministry with

Without chewing her words about the situation that prevailed both before and during her presence at the Ministry of Justice, Emily Gioliti submitted her resignation to the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis.

The drop that overflowed the glass was what was said to each other in a phone call in the morning, in which, as she states in her letter, the President told her that her presence in the cabinet affects the image of him and the government.

In fact, Emily Gioliti goes a step further and hesitates to mention that she is the one who suffered at the expense of her presence in a Government which, as she characteristically states, “you know very well that she did not enjoy the best impressions from civil society on corruption and transparency “ .

See the entire letter of resignation of Mrs. Giolitis:

Dear President,
I hereby wish to submit my resignation to you. The repeated reports of the last weeks of my possible replacement, my presentation as a “weak link” of the government and the shooting of my associates for possible moves make my stay at the Ministry of Justice and Public Order unproductive and very problematic.
You know that I thought I should address you today by phone and look for the real dimension of the events.

To my great surprise, you conveyed to me that my presence in the ministerial figure affects the image of the government but also yours. How do you pay the political cost of my trial in the Council of Ministers due to my relationship with your close family and what was occasionally published on Social Media.

In order to restore the true facts, I am obliged to remind you of the following:
I accepted your proposal to take over the Ministry of Justice and Public Order at an extremely difficult time with the prevailing issues of reducing the pandemic and effective confrontation of corruption.

During my short stay at the Ministry, bills were promoted and approved that for years were in the drawers of the Ministry, including the Bill of Istanbul, of the Criminal Justice Friendly for Children Offenders and the Autonomy of the Fire Brigade. Actions were taken such as the establishment of special ranks within the police for violence and sexual harassment, we pioneered the promotion of the #metoo movement in Cyprus by sending the message that such behaviors will not be tolerated and dozens of cases were forwarded to the Legal Service and the courts, removing the previous practice of “immunity” of priests and politicians. The guard of politicians was drastically reduced, we stepped in to the Road Safety Plan with numerous actions, an Animal Police was established, our Archive was upgraded, we established the Police House and much more. The crucial bills for the reform of the judiciary and the fight against corruption were prepared after a painstaking and effective consultation and were submitted to the outgoing Parliament for a vote. In the works is the bill of positive quota but also the bill for the Legal Recognition of Gender.

All this while managing the important aspects of reducing the pandemic and migration flows.

Therefore, with all humility but boldness, I submit that it is not me, Mr President, who is hurting your image. And of course you do not pay any political costs due to my presence. I came to politics without weights, with clean hands and with declared financial ease so that no shadows of convenience or corruption are left but only of supply.

I have probably incurred a cost, and a heavy burden, in accepting my participation in a government which, as you well know, did not enjoy the best impressions from civil society on issues of corruption and transparency. You know that this cost had a direct impact on my personal health. I leave with a clear conscience that I did my duty.

Dear President, I find extremely offensive the non-recognition of my work in these few months of my presence in the Ministry and especially your view that “I affect your image”. I inform you that I do not wish to participate in any process of my possible transfer to another post.

I warmly thank my colleagues at the Ministry of Justice, the Chief of Police, the Director of Prisons and the Directorate of our State Archives, and I wish them all the best in their admittedly very difficult work.
Yours sincerely

Source: 24h.com.cy

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