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He turned a sidewalk into a “warehouse” of gas bottles with the “tolerance” of the authorities

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Tolerance attitude of the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia and the Department of Labor Inspection, finds a report of the Commissioner of Administration, Maria Stylianou – Lottides, in relation to the illegal actions of a business owner, for which a relevant complaint was made by owners of the building in which he is housed.

According to the report, the complainants have been suffering for a long time from the illegal actions of the owner of the business, which initially related to illegal intervention on the sidewalk, while violations of the legislation were subsequently found, after the storage of gas bottles inside a makeshift and illegal construction.

While the complainants had complained to the relevant Municipality and the Labor Inspection Department, about the illegalities, "no substantial measure has been taken by them to remove them", the report states.

While as of August 10, 2021, the report states, the Office of the Commissioner of Administration received assurances from the municipal Authority that it would look into the issue of illegal intervention on the sidewalk and take all appropriate measures, « however, almost two years later, the illegality continues to exist and the complainants continue to suffer the adverse consequences».

Specifically, based on the information provided by the complainants, four more letters were sent to the Municipality, on September 15, 2021, December 7, 2021, May 11, 2022 and June 29, 2022, without, as noted, any response.

"However, the adverse consequences of this illegality, in addition to the complainants, are also experienced by all those who wish to use the specific sidewalk, and in particular the disabled, as the illegalities make the sidewalk difficult to access and accessible.» is added.

In relation to the illegal storage of gas cylinders, a matter raised by the complainants on June 2, 2022, the Labor Inspection Department, as stated in the report, found violations of the law and the owner was informed in writing and asked to take specific actions to compliance with the legislation, until September 15, 2021.

Which, however, was not done, as a result of which the Office of the Commissioner requested, with a new letter, dated June 7, 2022, from the Department of Labor Inspection, as arrange for the infringement to be removed.

This was followed by a letter from the Department of Labor Inspection, dated July 7, 2022, stating that the owner requested time credit for compliance and assurances were received that, failing that, the Department would escalate actions, requiring the removal of the gas cylinders and termination of the operation of the gas installation.

"However, 9 months later, the above installation is still in the same place, as a result of which the complainants live every day with the fear of an accident", notes the report of the Commissioner of Administration . 

At the same time, the Administrative Commissioner underlines that "delay in taking the measures indicated by the legislation and the tolerance shown by the competent services when illegalities are detected, contributes to the consolidation of a feeling of impunity for those who commit them and the encouragement of similar activity in general".

< p> In cases like this, he continues, « both the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia and the Department of Labor Inspection effectively become accomplices in the deeds that are created and perpetuated in the area».

Finally, the report states that «the  attitude of tolerance of the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia and the Department of Labor Inspection  violates the law, the implementation of which is their obligation» and how "it is therefore necessary to review this behavior, so that they proceed, without further delay, to take all the necessary measures that will make the exercise of their competence effective".

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