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He wants a MOE of good neighborhood and rejects the gesture of PtD

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He wants a MOE of good neighborhood and rejects the gesture of PtD

Andreas Pimpisis

Measures to build trust in the logic of good neighborliness, ie between two states, are proposed by the Turkish Cypriot leadership in response to the Anastasiadis gesture, which has not yet been officially expressed. Ersin Tatar's office said yesterday that “the Turkish Cypriot side is just as dominant as the Greek Cypriot side and is ready to implement confidence-building measures based on legally inherent rights.”

The Turkish Cypriot leadership claims that “the so-called confidence-building measures that the Greek Cypriot leadership is trying to bring to the agenda, despite the fact that it is well known that they are not feasible, are an attempt to create impressions in the international community, to hide intransigent attitudes and to force the Turkish Cypriot people to exchange their sovereignty for financial fraud. ” The Turkish Cypriot side claims that this is a move by President Anastasiadis due to the problems that arose with the EastMed pipeline.

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Ersin Tatar's position, as recorded in the announcement issued by his office, is that “steps aimed at creating a climate of trust between the two parties can serve their purpose only if taken on the basis of realistic proposals, which provide equal benefits to both sides and do not refer to an exercise of domination by one side over the other “. He argues that “instead of moving in this direction, the Greek Cypriot side seeks support for its so-called initiatives, which are based on creating impressions internationally, especially within the EU.”

It is further reiterated that “the reason why the Cyprus issue remains unresolved for more than half a century is because the Greek Cypriot side considers itself sovereign throughout the island and ignores the sovereign equality of the Turkish Cypriot side.” He reiterated that “the Turkish Cypriot side is as sovereignly equal as the Greek Cypriot side” expressing readiness “to implement confidence-building measures based on legal sovereign rights and the consent of both parties in this direction.” While it also refers to the “cooperation proposals” submitted by the Turkish Cypriot side regarding the exploitation of natural resources. “The establishment of a mechanism where the two parties will jointly decide on the extraction, transfer and economic exploitation of natural resources will be a real confidence-building measure and will change the data,” said Ersin Tatar in a statement issued by his office. . The position of the Turkish Cypriot leadership is that this mechanism could be set up on the basis of equality of the parties on the island. Finally, he stressed that the Turkish Cypriot side is ready to establish cooperation mechanisms based on equality.

In KEE the order

The chairman of the KEE and the winner of the “parliamentary elections”, Faiz Suzuoglu, will give the order to form a “government”, Ersin Tatar announced, after the completion of his contacts today with the leaders of the parties that entered the “parliament”.

The T / C leader said that he exchanged views with the political leaders on this issue, noting that he can give the mandate, after the swearing in of the new members of the “parliament”. This ceremony can take place 10 days after the publication of the final results of the “elections” in the “official newspaper”.

Faiz Suzuoglu said that during this time, until he receives the mandate to form a “government”, he will have some meetings and has already had informal contacts. It is not appropriate, he said, to form a two-party “government” only. “It can be two or even three parties.” He estimated that by mid-February the new “cabinet” will be ready.

He reiterated that he will see all the parties in the “parliament” and does not exclude any of them. He reiterated that their precondition is stability and their goal is a “government” not of one and a half years, but of five years.

Source: www.philenews.com

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