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He was buried in plastic without having a coronavirus

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According to the data published daily by the Ministry of Health, the death toll due to the coronavirus in our country exceeds 850. Specifically, until February 26, 852 deaths were recorded. There are many questions that arise from time to time as to when it is stated that the cause of death is the coronavirus. There are even cases of people dying from the virus without being infected, with relatives reacting to the way they are being treated. A citizen complained to “P” that he was forbidden to bury his father in a family grave, because the cause of his death was the coronavirus. The father was buried according to the management protocol of people who are positive for the virus, while he was not positive.

Multi-resistant germ

According to the son of the deceased, the father was tested positive for the coronavirus on July 28, 2021, after the detection of cases in the nursing home where he lived. His symptoms were mild, and he had to stay at Larnaca General Hospital for less than 24 hours. Returning to the nursing home where he had previously lived, according to the son, the father's health began to deteriorate, with the result that on August 6 he was transported back to the hospital. There the doctors found that the father had been infected with the multi-resistant germ MRSA, or in Greek golden staph. According to the World Health Organization, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of staph bacterium that is resistant to certain antibiotics. This means that some treatments will not be effective or will be less effective. MRSA is common in hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes, where people with open wounds, invasive devices such as catheters, and a weakened immune system are at greater risk for health care-related infections.


On August 7, 2021, the relatives received the father's recovery certificate from the coronavirus, however, as the son stated, the nursing home decided that the tenant should remain in isolation, both for recovery purposes and to reduce the risk of transmission. of the multi-resistant germ to the other occupants. According to the son, for the next two weeks his father remained in confinement, with the germ from which he contracted to cause sepsis in his blood, which eventually led to his death. The fact that the father passed away 13 days after he was judged to be no longer contagious with the coronavirus, in view of the fact that his file nowhere mentions that he underwent a new coronavirus test, makes relatives wonder why in the certificate The cause of death was reported to be the coronavirus. In addition, due to the fact that the coronavirus is listed as the cause of death, the relatives were notified a few hours before the funeral that the father could not be buried in the family grave, as he had requested. So while according to the release certificate of the Ministry of Health the father had recovered from the coronavirus, he had to be buried in a different grave from the rest of his family, wrapped in plastic and with the coffin closed, as is the case for people who end up due to coronavirus. It is worth noting that the death certificate reached the hands of the relatives after the funeral, so they themselves did not know what was written and could no longer request an autopsy. An expert with knowledge on the subject, listening to the story, told “P” that even the final cause of death was the coronavirus, which we can not say for sure, since two weeks had passed since the day of release. is no longer considered contagious and should not be buried in plastic. About six months have passed since the day of the deceased's burial until today, with the family still seeking answers from the authorities, having sent a letter to the Ministry of Health, without receiving any response so far

Public hospitals are gradually returning to normal, as the stabilization of the number of patients treated for coronavirus has allowed the planning of cold surgeries. The surgeries will resume today, as provided by the relevant decree issued last week by the Ministry of Health.

According to OKYPY, the patients who will undergo surgery were informed in the previous days, while within the week, those who are on a waiting list will also be informed. Priority is given to emergencies. The gradual release of beds for non covid patients has also begun. As far as coronavirus patients are concerned, a large number are admitted, about 170 daily, but there is a stabilization in relation to admissions, especially in the Intensive Care Units.

Under consideration protocols

In the meantime, the health protocols are under consideration, as well as the categorization of premises according to the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. The Minister of Health and the Advisory Scientific Committee will study the protocols, while they will also work out the plan for adjusting the requirements of the safepass in specific areas and activities. The plan will be forwarded -within the week- to the Council of Ministers for approval.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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