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He will promote the project of the Marina in Potima, says the President

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    Inauguration of four projects in the Municipality of Peyia

    The promise of will promote the work of Marina in Potimarenewing his appointment with the laying of the foundation stone of the Marina, the President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulidis gave in his greeting at the inauguration of four projects in the Municipality of Peyia.

    In response to a report by the Mayor Pegias Marinou Lambrou for the Marina in Potima to be inaugurated during his administration noted “my friend Mayor, be sure that the inauguration will take place during our administration and this is not a commitment, it is a promise that we will implement” .

    “It is also a priority of EBE Pafosand the implementation of this project will correct a distortion that has existed for years in the province of Pafos”, as he said. President Christodoulidis said that his presence here today constitutes a practical statement of the importance the Government attaches to the progress of local communities.

    The President of the Republic stated that during his presence in Peyia he referred to the Development Plan of Peyia, informing that the Government, the Ministry of the Interior and the competent Department of Urban Planning and Housing are at a very advanced stage for the completion of the preparation of the Local Plan of Peyia and their goal, as he said, is for the Local Plan to come into force in the next few months.

    I know said President Christodoulidis that “it is something you are all waiting for, I know very well the fact that until today, the administrative area of ​​Pegeia is divided in terms of urban planning and, in this relatively small area, two different Development Plans are applied, i.e. Paphos Local Plan in the Coral Bay area and the Rural Policy Statement in the rest of the area, no longer serve, nor respond to the modern needs and the pace of development of a large Municipality like Peyia ».

    For these reasons, he continued, it was deemed necessary to prepare a single Local Plan that would cover the needs of the entire administrative area. He also added that he has no doubt that with the implementation of the Local Plan of Peyia, a distortion will be countered and the region will acquire a new dynamic, through the promotion of sustainable development and its more rational organization. At the same time, the physiognomy and the unique natural environment of Pegeia and the new Municipality of Akamas are preserved and their distinct identity is highlighted, he added.

    He added that one of the disadvantages he has is that he cannot hide what he believes, and in this context he added addressing the attendees that they heard him on several occasions refer to the new municipality of Akamas which will operate in its new form in a few weeks .

    The Local Government reform, said the President, is just around the corner, a huge, radical change for the local communities of our country. I have, he continued, “stated in the past, I will not take it back, that I personally consider the separation of the Communities of Akama wrong”.

    “Regardless of my own personal opinion – I can't hide something I believe – and despite the weaknesses that both the Government and the parliamentary parties identify in general, as I have repeatedly emphasized, we remain determined – and I am sure we will succeed – in the faithful implementation of the legislation that has been passed and, in fact, the competent Services of the Ministry of the Interior and the Government in general are working feverishly to implement the provisions included in this great reform for our country”, he added.

    President Christodoulidis stated that in the implementation of any major reform there will certainly arise problems, difficulties, challenges saying that “don't expect that there won't be any problems”.

    However, he gave the assurance, that it will constantly evaluate the data generated through the implementation of this major reform “and if needs for changes arise, always in consultation with you, we will proceed with these changes”.

    He also estimated that what will occur after July 1st will be unprecedented for everyone and for this “sympathy, patience and perseverance are required until we all adapt”. First we, the central state, the Local Authorities, and all the citizens, he added. He also conveyed “the readiness of the Government more widely, to provide all possible assistance, so that the transition to the new state of affairs is smooth and gradually has the desired results for all of us”.

    He also expressed the certainty that the leaderships of the seven municipal departments of the Municipality of Akamas will cooperate amicably, putting above all the well-intentioned interest and well-being of their fellow citizens, the development of the Municipality as a single unit and the preservation of the special character of municipal apartments.

    Only in this way will you be able to offer your people, the residents of the Municipality of Akamas, who will be around 30 thousand, the motivation to continue creating and envisioning a better future, as he said.

    The President of the Republic added that the Government remains a constant supporter and supporter of the citizens. He also said that as a tourist area, the Municipality of Peyia – and then the Municipality of Akamas – attracts every year thousands of visitors, who enjoy the high-level tourist services. The projects we are launching today, in addition to those we have already launched, I am sure will contribute to the further upgrading of the tourist product of the region and the development of new and innovative infrastructures and services that meet the requirements of the modern era, he added.

    At the same time, I am absolutely sure, he added, that with the creation of basic infrastructure, such as the development and improvement of the road network – something that should have been done 30 years ago – which serves all categories of its users safely, the expansion of business activity in the region is encouraged, with all the positive consequences for the wider region.

    Regarding the implementation of the inauguration of important projects completed in the Municipality of Peyia President Christodoulidis expressed his satisfaction and expressed his certainty that they will improve the daily life of both the residents and the visitors of the area.

    He congratulated the Mayor of Peyia saying that the changes in the Municipality of Peyia are evident.

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<p>In view of the implementation of the grandiose reform of Local Government, the projects we are inaugurating today, he undoubtedly continued, “will contribute substantially to the achievement of one of our most important goals, that of improving the quality of life of citizens”.</p>
<p>Particularly in the context of the creation of the new Municipality of Akamas after the integration of the Municipality of Peyia with the Communities of Akoursou, Inia, Kathika, Kato Arodon, Kissonerga and Pano Arodon, projects that we are launching today with an urban planning nature undoubtedly enhance the services offered to locals and visitors, he said .</p>
<p>The <strong>first projects he inaugurated as President of the Republic</strong>, he said, are the first areas he visited as President of the Republic were the communities of Akamas, precisely because of the importance he gives in this area and together with the communities, very soon they will announce new actions to make use of this unique area for our country.</p>
<p>He also said that the project for the formation of the coastal promenade in the Municipality of Peyia is part of the Strategic Plan 2024-2026 of the Ministry of the Interior for the implementation of projects and regulatory plans for the purpose of urban and rural development. The project, approximately 1.5 kilometers long, is the first phase of the regeneration of the Municipality's waterfront – something that has been needed for years – with construction costs exceeding 2.5 million euros, added</p>
<p>He also pointed out that a pedestrian and bicycle path, a sports area, an outdoor gym, modern playgrounds with infrastructure for the unimpeded access of People with Disabilities, fully equipped seating areas, a small amphitheater and sanitary facilities were built, while green areas were landscaped with Cypriot plants and trees.< /p> </p>
<p>In addition, he emphasized that with the impressive metal pedestrian bridge, 40 meters long, the Municipality of Peyia and the Community of Kissonerga are connected in a safe and functional way, in the area where the Paphos Marina will be built in the future.</p>
<p>The PtD stated that it is clear to everyone that a single entity was created in the Municipality – all the projects are related to each other – modern, linear, multifunctional park, which can function, among many others, as a sports and leisure area for all ages. Furthermore, the aim of the project is to create a point of reference for the Municipality of Peyia, a meeting place where citizens and visitors can come together and enjoy moments of relaxation, sports and entertainment next to the sea, in a place with unique beauty.</p>
<p>The projects we are inaugurating today come to add to and strengthen the effort for the development of the region, following of course a series of projects in various Communities of the region, which we delivered to the citizens since last winter, he added. </p>
<p>In his own <strong>greeting the Mayor of Peyia</strong>, who is running for re-election, said that the presence of the President is a strong proof of the practical support they have had so far from the government and the support that will follow with the creation of the new Municipality, which will integrate the communities of Kissonerga, Akoursou, Kathika, Pano and Kato Arodon and Inia.</p>
<p>For West Paphos and its development, Mr. Lambrou said it is of great importance to have the state itself, the President of the Republic and his Government by its side in its endeavor to develop properly and with a plan and to recover the lost ground of the last decades.</p>
<p>In relation to the Marina of Paphos, he added that the residents of this area, for many years, were tired of hearing words and promises about the Paphos Marina to be built in Potima. We have been waiting for many years, entire decades without results, he added. He expressed his optimism that the intervention of the PtD will be a catalyst and that there will be substantial developments regarding the matter immediately.</p>
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