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Heat waves, floods, and desertification-Disturbing predictions given by scientific research

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<p data-block-key=The predictions given by EU scientific research and reports regarding the climate changes that are expected to take place in the countries of the Union and especially in the countries of the South and the Mediterranean are extremely worrying.

Temperature increase in the coming years by 7-8 degrees -compared to the industrial period- in the countries of the Cyprus region, more frequent and more extreme heat waves, catastrophic floods and gradual desertification, are the major challenges that the states and their citizens will be asked to face, according to a community official.

The specific official of the Union is in Cyprus for a series of contacts with governmental and non-governmental services, for information regarding the findings of the investigations as well as for discussion of the objectives and policies of the EU in relation to climate change.

If we look at the entire continent, as a risk assessment in relation to climate change, the situation, as the European official mentioned, is quite scary and it becomes even more scary and worrying as we approach the European South and the countries of the Mediterranean and especially the South-East Mediterranean . In these regions, the increase in temperature is observed at a rate twice that of the rest of the EU countries.

Already, as mentioned, we are at the catastrophic point predicted by scientists globally, three degrees Celsius higher than the pre-industrial era. This means that if the global temperature rose by three degrees, at the point where our country is, this increase compared to the past may reach 7-8 degrees.

This translates into more extreme weather conditions and events such as prolonged droughts which will create desertification conditions in a few years. This desertification can occur gradually as if a few years ago long periods of drought appeared every five years, today they can appear every three years and little by little this interval will decrease until there may be a complete desertification of the area.

< p data-block-key="f2r56">As the EU official mentioned, we do not know when this will happen exactly or if it will happen suddenly, and of course if it will affect all the Mediterranean countries to the same extent. However, gradual desertification is a huge issue of concern.

Another great challenge and a huge danger for countries and citizens are heat waves, with a large number of people in Europe, around 30 thousand, dying annually from the various heat waves that hit the continent. These heat waves and their peaks will certainly increase in the future, and 40 degrees will be a very normal temperature for countries, especially those in the Mediterranean.

Also, major challenges of the future will be and are the catastrophic floods that will affect countries, even those countries that will suffer from prolonged droughts.

Based on scientific research and scientific reports, the issue of extreme weather phenomena such as fires, long periods of drought that will lead to desertification of regions and countries, increased heat waves that will be longer in duration and more extreme in high temperatures, as well as flooding, are the main challenges that the countries of Europe will face, especially the countries of the South and the Mediterranean.

There are, however, things that can be done to mitigate or delay these phenomena, the first being prevention and measures that will reduce pollutants and exhaust emissions so that this increase in global temperature is significantly limited.

The second thing that should be done is the adaptation to the new data and the new conditions. This requires actions at the personal level, at the level of states and governments and other national bodies. This means, for example, adapting agriculture to new forms of cultivation, tourism to new periods.

However, all this should be done at the national level as the EU it can give guidelines, provide solutions and create communication networks, but the way and time of action rests exclusively with the governments of the member states.

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