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Hector Juste: The … playmaker of the defense

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A modern defender of constant value for Omonia

Εκτορ Γιοψστε: Ο … πλΕι μΕικερ τ ης Αμυνας

We all know or have known that the primary task of a ball-playing defender is to clear away danger and prevent the opposition from penetrating.

But there is a relatively new version of central defenders that has evolved and continues to evolve in recent years. The central defender who possesses creativity in his game. Takes an active part in passing and possession.

The ball-playing defender – this is the definition given to him – tries to open the game with long passes to the wings or plays perpendicular to the axis, bypassing the first pass in the defensive midfielder, He also has the ability to carry the ball safely as long as there is uncovered space in front of him.

One such player in Omonia is Hector Juste. The tall central defender of Omonia possesses these characteristics and indeed to a high degree. Yesterday he spread them generously on the field in one of his best games. since he joined Omonia He has contributed to the building of the game but also created. The pass to Ismail Sradi was typical while he carried the ball several times and found a teammate with a vertical pass.

Calmly and methodically he came forward several times. The highlight of his performance was the goal that decided the match (in fact, it was his first in the colors of Omonia) and possibly the six for the clover. He caught an excellent curling header from Moreto Kasama's pass, in an excellent position inside the area. He was Omonia's best player in terms of performance.

Hector Juste at 35 years old, (born 12.12.1988), although he is not a starter for this year's Omonia, he remains a solid value for their defensive line. He has good reception of the ball, technique, good passing, heading and tackling. His “minus” is that he is not fast. But this is covered by the many “pluses”.

And with all these mistakes we see this year in Omonia's defense, this player deserves more playing time, And something else. In our league there are not many defenders with the creative abilities of Hector Youste. His … defensive playmaker. The player who, in addition to defensive tasks, also has phase creation in mind. Who has the ability with his balls to get his team out in attack or counter attack.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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