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Helicopter from the British Bases in the fire in the occupied – Houses damaged

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According to the Turkish media, Ersin Tatar took action to assist the Base helicopter.

The “leader” of the “civil defense”, Atilla Karatzia, told the Turkish “news agency” that the fire was directed to the east, had spread to a large area, as they found out in a reconnaissance flight made by helicopter in the presence of the Turkish leader. . Some houses, he said, have been evacuated.

The “mayor” of Lapithos, Mustafa Aktoug, said that 20-25 houses were evacuated near Kormakitis and added that some houses were damaged due to the fire .

The area was overseen by Mr. Tatar with the “leader” of the “civil defense”, the “leader” of the “peacekeeping forces” and the “leader” of the “security forces”, as the occupying army is divided into the occupied territories. p>

In addition to Ersin Tatar are “Prime Minister” Unal Ustel and “Agriculture Minister” Dursun Oguz.

Democracy ready to help put out the fire

The Republic of Cyprus has been informed by the UN that the Turkish Cypriot side may help is needed to put out the fire that is raging uncontrollably in the occupied areas near Panagra and Kormakitis and has expressed its readiness to do so.

As KYPE was informed by a valid source, the competent services of the Republic are ready, if a relevant request is submitted to assist in the extinguishing of the fire by air means.

Source: politis.com.cy

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