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Hellenic Bank: Favorable settlement of the “Rent Against Installment” plan

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They are invited to contact KEDIPES as soon as possible for more information and to submit the relevant application

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<p>The 'Rent Against Installment' scheme is a favorable arrangement ensuring housing for vulnerable households, says Hellenic Bank and calls on those with loans at the bank who meet the criteria or want to confirm whether they can benefit from the plan, to contact KEDIPES as soon as possible for more information and to submit the relevant application.</p>
<p>A related announcement from Hellenic Bank clarifies that according to the plan, the Main Residence will be transferred to KEDIPES, with the simultaneous repayment of the loan secured by the Main Residence and the borrowers will retain the use of their Main Residence. He adds that in essence, eligible borrowers who choose to join the scheme will be able to remain in their primary residence, but their status will change from owner to “tenant”, retaining the right to buy back the home after five years in price which will be stated in the Rental Agreement and will be communicated to the borrower. </p>
<p>Eligible for inclusion in the “Rent Against Payment” scheme are the recipients of social benefits (including EEE recipients, single parents, those with many children, low-income pensioners, disability pension recipients and people with disabilities ), who had non-performing loans on 31/12/2021, and which remained non-performing on 31/12/2022, secured by the main residence with a market value of up to €250,000.</p>
<p>All are also eligible applicants to the Home and House plans who have been assessed as eligible but unsustainable with a market value of a main residence of up to €350,000, as well as all applicants to the Home and Home plans who have been approved for inclusion in these plans and subsequently their membership was terminated.</p>
<p>For more information Hellenic Bank refers to the KEDIPES website kedipes.com.cy.</p>
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