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Hellenic Bank invests in the environment and reduces energy consumption

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Hellenic Bank achieved re-certification for another year with the ISO 50001 International Energy Management System, which concerns energy management issues.

Emphasizing energy management issues, the Group has been certified annually since 2015 with the International Energy Management Standard ISO 50001, while it was the first organization in Cyprus to obtain such certification from the Cyprus Certification Company. The Energy Management System covers all the Group's activities and facilities in Cyprus, offering a systematic approach to continuous improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption. Through this management, the Bank aims to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030.

The role of banks in the development of the country is not limited to supporting the economy and their customers. Climate change has made the pursuit and strengthening of sustainable development a one-way street for Hellenic Bank, which recognizes its responsibilities towards environmental and energy challenges and adopts options that minimize the ecological footprint, contributing to the protection of the environment and the saving of natural resources. The green buildings, the ecological standards, the reduction of energy consumption, the investment in green practices and businesses and the general environmental awareness adopted by Hellenic Bank make it one of the greenest organizations in Cyprus.

Already, photovoltaic systems are installed in six Bank buildings with an expected annual production of 300,000 kWh. At the same time, a process is underway to install photovoltaic systems in other Bank buildings, aiming to double the production from such systems. At the same time, additional actions are being taken such as the replacement of old air conditioning systems, the thermal insulation of ceilings, the replacement of non-thermal insulating glasses with thermal insulating ones and the installation of new energy saving technologies, with the aim of reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

From January 2023, the Group enters into electricity supply agreements with approved companies that supply electricity, part of which is produced from renewable sources, mainly photovoltaic systems. With this practice, gaseous emissions are further reduced, contributing to the environmental effort being made.

The Bank's aim is not only to comply, but also to exceed the relevant regulatory requirements concerning environmental management and energy consumption. It is a project in continuous implementation with the adoption of a wider ecological consciousness and intensive efforts to reduce waste, save energy, resources and energy planning. In fact, the Bank recently received the “Golden Protector of the Environment” Award for 2023 at the Pan-Cyprus Environmental Awards for Organizations, sealing its commitment to putting environmental protection at the center of all its actions.

Source: www.philenews.com

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