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Hellenic Bank: Its strategic compass is sustainability and social welfare

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Hellenic Bank contributes to the green transition and sustainability of businesses by providing financing for investments in sustainable business models

Ελληνικor Τρπε&zeta ;α: Στρατηγικor πυξiδα της η βιωσ&iota ;μότητα και η κοινωνικor ευημερΙα

With fixedcommitment to the promotion of environmental sustainability and social resilience, Hellenic Bank has emerged as a leading presence in the field of ESG strategy. By setting high goals and implementing a series of best practices, the Bank is a pioneer in the green transition, respect for human rights and the formation of a model inclusive culture, at all levels of the Foundation's operation. The revised ESG Strategy, in fact, was approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors in November 2023 and has now been included in the Bank's Strategic Plan.

The ESG Strategyof Hellenic Bank consists of four main pillars, which are harmonized with the axes of sustainable development of the UN, as well as with the EU Green Deal and the Paris Agreement. These include: 1) achieving zero carbon, 2) creating the workforce of the future, 3) increasing the resilience and efficiency of banking services and products, and 4) supporting ecosystem sustainability.

< p>Zero Carbon

Central Goalof Hellenic's ESG Strategy is to reach a zero carbon balance by 2050, with a Key Performance Indicator reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in accordance with the EU Green Deal and the Paris Agreement. This goal is achieved by reducing the environmental impact on the Bank's operation and on its portfolio of loans and investments.

Through designof its building facilities and by adopting practices aimed at reducing the consumption of paper, electricity and the production of pollutants, the Bank drastically reduces its environmental footprint. In 2023 the total energy consumption decreased by 9% on an annual basis. The installation of photovoltaics on two buildings with an expected capacity of 240,000 KWh is underway and energy efficiency measures are being taken such as thermal insulation and the installation of thermal insulating glasses for specific buildings, as well as the supply of electricity from third-party suppliers that produce green energy. In 2023, reusable water bottles were provided to all staff with the aim of reducing single-use plastic cups, while the implementation of PMD recycling was completed across all facilities.

To achievezero carbon balance by 2050, in addition to being responsible for the emissions associated with our own operational footprint, we must also reduce our investment and borrowing footprint. The Bank encourages customers to make green choices through its green products and contributes to the green transition and sustainability of businesses by providing financing needed to invest in sustainable business models.

Workforce of the future< /strong>

Especial gravitythe Bank also gives to the training of its employees on ESG issues, through specialized training seminars. It also promotes workplace well-being, work-life balance, and broadening the inclusion and representation of diversity within the Foundation. In this context, increasing the participation of different groups in the Board of Directors and holding key positions are key parameters of Hellenic's ESG goals.

Overall, Hellenic Bank offers employment and career opportunities for approximately 2,000 people, while the systems for evaluating and enhancing the skills of its personnel are aligned with the most modern standards of personnel management and administration.

Resilience and performance

In the issues of increasing the resilience and efficiency of banking services and products, the Bank's ESG Strategy aims to strengthen the frameworks and disclosures, which are necessary for the completion of the climate and environmental risks action plan. Furthermore, the Bank seeks to increase the granting of green lending and to strengthen its ESG performance.

Sustainable ecosystem

By supporting the sustainability of the ecosystem, the Bank invests in the green transition of its customers and investors, strengthening green lending which last year amounted to €219 million. Through specialized banking products, Hellenic supports its private and corporate clients in adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and professional development model.

The Bank, meanwhile, actively seeks to maximize its positive impact on the community through a range of philanthropic and volunteer initiatives. In particular, it supports through donations, sponsorships and volunteering, the work of organizations with important social work such as the Karaiskaki Foundation, the Enavsma Foundation, the Furry Reading Club for children, the Sophia Foundation for Children, the Elpida Foundation, PASYKAF, the Europa Donna, Unicef, Telethon, Red Cross, Social Grocers, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Miniature Horse Therapy 'Majestic', Fairy Tale Museum. Particularly important is Hellenic's collaboration with the “Ecological Schools” institution, as well as the environmental actions in which it participates, such as the voluntary cleaning of Lenios beach. For the past three years, the Pan-Cypriot Volunteering Coordinating Council has been awarding Hellenic Bank for the #HBVolunteersChallenge initiative that takes place as part of the Pan-Cypriot Volunteer Week.

Tel.: 8000 9999 (from Cyprus – toll-free),

+35722 500500 (from abroad)

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.hellenicbank.com

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