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Hellenic Bank: Registration Stations of New Bone Marrow Donor Volunteers

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< b>The “Life Alliance” of the Hellenic Bank with the Karaiskaki Foundation continues and is strengthened, supporting the creation of Registration Stations for New Volunteer Bone Marrow Donors, so that the registration becomes even easier and more accessible.

The pioneering creation of Bone Marrow Donor Registration Stations with Self-Recruitment Stations was presented at a Press Conference, which took place at the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Bank. These stations will be located in various busy places throughout Cyprus, giving the opportunity to everyone, aged 18-45, to give a saliva sample and register on their own as a donor.

Interested volunteers, by scanning a QR Code, which is displayed on the Registration Station, they will be taken to the link www.kfnewdonor.org.cy, where they will follow the instructions for registration and sample collection through an easy and fast process.

The aim is to upgrade the services offered by the Foundation and the continuous enrichment of the file with new and healthy donors to deal with the phenomenon of aging of the donor file. Their operation started immediately, with the first sample being given to the Bank's Management Building by members of the Hellenic Bank staff who hurried to give a sample.

As stated by Dr. Evripidis Polykarpou, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank “The creation of Bone Marrow Donor Volunteer Registration Stations with personal sampling is a great initiative and we are proud that we will be able to put our own stone for a world without leukemia.”

Chief Executive Officer of Banking, Foivos Stasopoulos stressed that the offer is part of the Bank's culture and this can be seen not only from the support of various organizations but also from the intense voluntary action of the staff. “Last year we started this important alliance with the Karaiskaki Foundation and we are very proud to be given the opportunity this year to do even more, strengthening the great work of the Foundation,” he added.

Source: www.philenews.com

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