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Hercules theme park arrives at Nicosia Mall

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Hercules theme park arrives at Nicosia Mall

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    Nicosia is about to witness the arrival of the premier themed attraction, “Hercules: The 12 Labours”!

    From the 8th of March to the 1st of April 2024, visitors of all ages will have the chance to enjoy an unparalleled experience at the Nicosia Mall in Kokkinotrimithia!

    A new blockbuster from Eksagon Exhibitions and the Dream Workers, the impressive themed park “Hercules – The 12 Labours” offers an intensely immersive journey into Greek mythology.

    The superhero’s feats and their symbolism are central to the design and operation of this mythological-themed park.

    Alongside the fearsome Lernaean Hydra, the beautiful Golden-horned Deer, the Cretan Bull, the Wild Horses, the glittering belt of Hippolyta, Cerberus, and the rest of the challenges presented with fully-themed three-dimensional exhibits designed to move and produce sound , they collectively create the incredible setting of a truly unique world!

    Both young and old participate in an unforgettable, educational, and interactive journey into Greek Mythology, uncovering all the well-known and lesser-known myths, mythical creatures, heroes, people, customs, and perceptions of that era.

    The theme park “Hercules: The 12 Labours” literally brings to life an experience that redefines the concept of a museum as dull, blending knowledge and education with entertainment in an engaging way.

    It’s an attraction that, during its short stay in Cyprus, is a must-visit for everyone.


    For information and bookings:

    • Tel: +35722055789
    • Website: https://herculespark.gr/
    • Organisers: Eksagon Exhibitions (www.eksagonexhibitions.com/)
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