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Here are the alliances in the Holy Synod – The scenarios for the election of an Archbishop (GRAPHICS)

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Ιδού οι συμμα χΙες στην ΙερΑ ΣΙνοδο–Τα σενΑρια &epsilon ;κλογorς Αρχιεπiσκοπου (ΓΡΑΦΙΚΑ )

The "Priests" alliances after the election of the Triprosopos, Chrysanthos Tsouroulis tried to unfold in the Sections in the Facts.

The Metropolitans of Limassol, Paphos and Tamasos are in the Triprosopos. 

The first scenario

On the side of the Metropolitan of Limassol Athanasios, are Bishop Amathoustos, the Bishop of Neapolis and the Bishop of Ledras.

On the side of the Metropolitan of Paphos, George, are the Bishop of Chitra, the Bishop of Arsinois, the Bishop of Karpasia, the Metropolitan of Kiti, the Metropolitan of Trimythoundos, the Metropolitan of Kyrenia, the Metropolitan of Morphou and the Metropolitan of Constantia.

On the side of the Metropolitan Tamasou Isaia is only the Metropolitan of Kykkos.

With this scenario, the Metropolitan of Paphos is elected from the first ballot with 9 votes. It is noted that the Metropolitans of Kyrenia, Morphou and Constantia have not clarified their intentions.

ΙδοΙ οι συμμαχΙ&epsilon ;ς στην Ιερα Σyνοδο–Τα σενΑρια εκ/></p>
<p>In 2006, the Metropolitan of Morphou stood opposite the Metropolitan of Limassol.</p>
<p> <strong>Second scenario</strong></p>
<p> The second scenario brings the Metropolitans of Morphou, Constantia and Kyrenia to the "camp" ; of the Metropolitan of Limassol.</p>
<p>If in the second vote the Metropolitans of Kykkos and Tamasos support Athanasios of Limassol, given that they are united by the Ukrainian issue, then the Metropolitan of Limassol will have 8 votes, the same as the Metropolitan of Paphos. Based on this possibility, the Holy Synod will be drawn.</p>
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According to information, the consultations are focused on the Metropolitans of Morphou, Kyrenia and Constantia .


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