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Here is where Kasselakis came from as he presented it

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With the publication of a one-page excel, the SYRIZA president exceeded his commitment to present his financial situation:  a normal statement of Whereabouts includes 11 pages – and asks for details of every type of asset – from deposits and real estate to participations in businesses for which it is claimed:
– the type of participation,
– the type of business,
– the year of start,
– the contribution capital,
– but also the origin of the money!

Speaking at the pre-election gathering of SYRIZA, in Thessaloniki, Mr. Kasselakis presented a summary table for 2023, in which he speaks of income 2.067 million dollars, debts 1.831 million dollars, investment products 3.040 million dollars.

< p> The president of SYRIZA declares the company Osios LLC, through which he provided loans to the media of SYRIZA, while he declares a limited partner in the company Pura Vita E.E., which owns a juice shop in Spetses.

He also declares his participation through Osios in Tiptree Marine, which he managed and from which he was fired a few days before joining the SYRIZA State ballot. In the speech in Thessaloniki, Mr. Kasselakis mentioned that as far as the "foreign company" – namely Osios LLC, which is based in the state of Delaware and is subject to its preferential tax regime – its transfer was completed in early 2024.

Mr. Kasselakis insisted on the narrative that he had presented on August 29, 2023 when he announced his candidacy.

See the table presented by Mr. Kasselakis:

 Ιοπεχσεπωσ ;οοοοεοοοοοοοο /></p>
<p> The usual attack on "First Topic"</p>
<p>In fact, Mr. Kasselakis presented a second table, in which he attempts to compare his own incomes in 2023, with those of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in 2021 and then punctuated his speech with an attack on the "First Topic". Presenting himself as a victim, he said characteristically:</p>
<p> «The regime set up a whole system to throw mud at me every day.</p>
<p> So that the scumbag would stick to me.</p >
<p> And it's ready to go.</p>
<p>Maximus is waiting for the release of my assets to give lies and mud to the First Theme. Here he was not ashamed to give him edited material about the souls murdered in Tempe, will he hesitate to assassinate the character of a political opponent of theirs?</p>
<p> So I update, this whole rotten system: I will be here, standing.< /p> </p>
<p> I will not allow you to soil me.</p>
<p> Your mud is returned» concluded Mr. Kasselakis.</p>
<p> What he said in his speech</p>
<p>"I personally take charge of Thessaloniki, it will be our first priority" stated the president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, during his speech in the city.</p>
<p>"You have lived a constant mockery, from the Kuvela hole, before I was even born, to the announcement by the Prime Minister that he will expand a subway that does not exist" continued the president of SYRIZA. "Today I will tell you all my truths and you evaluate them" write down. "My first truth", as he said, "is that I am not a professional politician. I am a businessman with activity in America where I lived for 21 years. I fought, I made some money,» continued Mr. Kasselakis.</p>
<p> "The pirates are not in Koumoundourou" he added when a boat passed behind him, saying that "I know the economy and I know it well".</p>
<p>Referring to Alexis Tsipras, he described him as honest and regarding his election to the leadership of SYRIZA, he said that "the fact that I saw that those who benefited from him started to leave or distance themselves so as not to join the ranks of the losers". "I will be by this honest man's side in his most difficult moment" he said of Alexis Tsipras, recounting how “I saw people who wouldn't exist without him, waiting to take his place.” I entered the presidential election battle unprepared, with half Greek, but a whole soul.</p>
<p> «The people always do the miracle. You made me, flesh of your flesh I am» noted the president of SYRIZA about his election, saying that he was "stunned by the hate attack", as he described it. "We will have Androulakis sleeping and we will empty the coffers" he commented accusing the government, while continuing to say that "and so we were finally able to deal with the important things".</p>
<p>"We made the best European ballot of all the parties" described and "we started to produce positions, not in the air, but priced", noted the president of SYRIZA.</p>
<p>And he added: "Today I will tell you the great truths. We are not infallible, but we are making a fresh start with passion and honesty to finally become a modern society. The great truths are primarily about me, and self-criticism must be brave. All these months an image was created of me that is not the real image, saying that this image is of a man who did not get tired.</p>
<p> “But sometimes I also contributed to the creation of this image, from overpromotion and inexperience. I apologize for that» he said about whether he has created the impression of ostentation, adding that "I wasn't born rich".</p>
<p>"At first I didn't have much and then I had everything, Ekali, College of Athens. ''Slow down Stefan, you uprooted yourself to go to the best College in the USA''. I understand that. I went to America and gave my fight. I worked in the world's most competitive market with my sweat. I earned both my wages and my bonuses, on my own merit,» continued Stefanos Kasselakis.</p>
<p>"And looking back, I say I was lucky, because I intensely experienced both the sky and the cliff. And why my last dollar is taxed. There, the tax and judicial authorities are relentless, he added, speaking of “cheap party propaganda”, calling him a “fraudster, while the deadline expires on June 30”, as the president of SYRIZA said, noting that “it is so crooks and so incompetent together» who have not opened the system for the submission of the petition.</p>
<p>"For this reason, I am presenting my financial situation here in front of you, because ultimately I am accountable to you to the Greek people. You see behind me the figures for all of 2023,' he said.</p>
<p> As he pointed out, the assets are "both me and Tyler", saying "you hit me here. You see that I have a stake in two companies, one company, the foreign one was transferred at the beginning of 2024», inviting Mr. Mitsotakis to present his own figures for 2023 » now, before the European elections. Let's know how many more properties were added to his property monopoly.</p>
<p>"I was a businessman in America, I earned this money with my sweat" he emphasized and continued, saying that Mr. Mitsotakis acquired 39 properties with the salary of an MP. "Mr. Prime Minister, you may lie very easily, but there is also something called dignity. So I'm updating this whole rotten system. I don't allow you to taint me. Your mud is returned».</p>
<p> «No one in this rotten system asks them where all this comes from? Wolves blame the sheep» noted Mr. Kasselakis, to add that "sometimes justice wins". He himself spoke of a huge moral issue, speaking of “no shame”. I will not only file where you are from, but I will present all the documents that I have requested from the IRS, all my assets, down to the last dollar.</p>
<p> It is noted that his speech was scheduled to started at 19.30, however it started at 8.45. </p>
<p> Source: First Topic</p>
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