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Hidden paper by Nikola for collaboration with AKEL

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Upheavals after upheavals hide the political scene and the party processes in the run-up to the presidential elections. The contacts between the two major opposition parties seem to have gotten wet lately, however, exclusive information tells us that the president of DIKO has already prepared a counter-proposal to AKEL, with a person from his area, who could be its common candidate. cooperation. This is a case of a person who at some point has seen the light of day, but who for various reasons was never officially put on the table. However, this case, according to our information, seems to be finally in the attention of the president of DIKO. & Nbsp;

According to well-informed sources, the intention of Nikolas Papadopoulos seems to be to put the specific name (a well-known personality whose name is not made public for tactical reasons) in the next meeting with Stefanos Stefanou, as a counter-proposal, after the rejection of his own candidacy. This is a person. which brings together all the quality criteria set by the two parties and most importantly, is a person who can unite DIKO and enjoy wide acceptance within AKEL. He has experience in politics and is aware of the Cypriot reality. & Nbsp;

at the table officially for the sake of brevity, fearing that it might be perceived as an intervention inside DIKO.

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However, the specific proposal – if and when it finally proceeds – takes DIKO and Nikolas Papadopoulos from a very difficult position, with the latter showing a willingness to proceed with a leading move, in order to find a way out of the issue of the presidential elections and the his party but also for himself. And the reason is because this choice removes from the table the alternative choice with which a portion of DIKO, of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulidis, is flirting.

The name of Nikos Christodoulidis is always in mind. The former Foreign Minister, as it appears from the polls, is accepted by a part of the party base and could be the candidate with whom the party knocked on the door of power. At the same time, however, there remain & nbsp; strong concerns and worries about the young man of his age who, as they claim, automatically extinguishes any political ambitions of Nikolas Papadopoulos. There is also strong concern about the danger that Nikos Christodoulidis, with his election, will politically interfere with the traditional parties of the center, presenting himself as the new leader of the area. The scenario of creating a new political space in a similar case like that of George Lilikas can also not be ruled out. At the same time, however, there are several doubts as to whether the until recently Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Anastasiadis Government could be supported, with whom he has not even differed so far at any point, at the moment when DIKO declares that it is an opposition party. and his priority is change. A source from DIKO even asked “if the question is simply the power, why not go with Averoff with whom we collaborated a few times in Parliament”?

The scenario of autonomous descent with candidate Nikola Papadopoulos remains as an option. EDEK seems to be stuck in this equation, hoping that this option can be a pole of attraction for voters in other areas and pass a second round. But even if they do not manage to negotiate a co-operation with a strong presence in government with one of the two finalists in the presidential election in vygyros.

& gt; & gt; The meeting of the Secretariat

Last Tuesday, the Secretariat of the Democratic Party met, during which Nikolas Papadopoulos informed the members about the contacts that are in progress with AKEL and what was said with Stefanos Stefanou at his meeting. At the meeting of the Secretariat, Nikolas Papadopoulos, as we are informed, did not mention anything other than what saw the light of day in relation to his contacts with the Secretary General of AKEL. & Nbsp;

From what he said before the members of the Secretariat, what was concluded is that there is a difficulty in reaching a conclusion between the two parties, despite the established common will that exists between them always in relation to the names that have seen the light of day. & Nbsp;

Nikolas Papadopoulos allegedly told his close associates that AKEL had conveyed its intention to seek a cross-party independent candidate who could be their joint proposal to society for change. The question is who is the one who meets these criteria and is positive in being a candidate of AKEL and DIKO for the Presidency of the Republic ..

Last Wednesday Nikolas Papadopoulos also saw Marinos Sizopoulos at the offices of EDEK. The information states that the president of EDEK officially conveyed what was discussed in the background, that is, that his party is ready to participate in a tripartite cooperation AKEL-DIKO-EDEK with candidate Nikolas Papadopoulos. & Nbsp;

The question of course is what the next steps will be. According to information between AKEL and DIKO, there is an informal schedule until the end of the month to find the answer to the riddle. During this time, the party leaderships have expressed their willingness to exhaust all room for cooperation. However, the intention of both is the beginning of April, either for both of them to officially wear wedding rings, or for each of them to go their own way, looking for their alternative path… & nbsp;

In any case, the goal in the Democratic Party remains the same. “Government or co-government”. In this axis they are looking for the formula for the presidential elections, either from the first Sunday or the second Sunday of the presidential elections based on various alternative scenarios that could be played. & Nbsp;

They approached again Mark…

According to information, Markos Kyprianou was hit again recently. The approach came from the AKEL space in an effort to convince the former European Commissioner and former Foreign Minister to be the common candidate as a compromise solution to remove the impasse. Markos Kyprianou himself remains firm in his decision that at this stage he is not interested in being a candidate. & Nbsp;

In Hezekiah Papaioannou, he is moving in a strongly oppositional rhythm with the issues of internal governance at the forefront of criticism. Accuracy in basic necessities, fuel and taxes is first on the agenda, while in recent days the issue of immigration and the living conditions of migrants in Pournana has returned. The party of the Left demanded the resignation of Nikos Nouris from the post of Minister of Interior. Stefanos Stefanou was ready last Thursday to hold a press conference for GESY, which he postponed, apparently due to the discussion of the issue the same day in the Parliamentary Audit Committee. On the same day, however, a highly aggressive announcement was made by Hezekia Papaioannou calling for the resignation of the Board of OKYPY. At the same time, he accused the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government in general of negligence in the issue of cereals on the occasion of the war in Ukraine. An issue, however, on which the Left Party shows a difficulty in managing, with the typical example of the attitude of its MEPs in the resolution condemning the Russian invasion. George Georgiou abstained, in consultation with the party, while Niazim Kizilgiure voted in favor of the sentence. Also characteristic is the announcement of AKEL Limassol last Thursday that spoke about the catastrophic consequences for tourism from sanctions, avoiding the reference to a Russian invasion. & Nbsp;

Looking at the Supreme

Averof Neophytou's diagnosis may have postponed the Supreme Council meeting for a week, but that does not change Pindaros' plans for the presidential elections. As it became known, the Supreme Council of DISY, which consists of about 1800 members (leadership, executives, current and former MPs, current and former Ministers and other party officials, local government officials, members of the Board of Semi-Governmental Organizations, etc.), will be held next Sunday at the Eleftheria Stadium, having a festive character. In addition to the formal ratification of the candidacy of Averof Neophytos as a candidate of the Democratic Alarm for the presidential elections, the focus will be on Nikos Anastasiadis who will close the session of the Supreme Council with his speech.

In Pindarou positively assess the fact that Averof Neophytou is the winner in the show of victory of the polls that see the light of day, even with low percentages compared to the electoral power of DISY. However, this does not worry them at the moment as they believe that once the political scene is formed with the candidates, the people of DISY will not follow the options of splitting the party, but will gather around the party candidate.

Source: www.philenews.com

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