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His little stone in the Slovak national team… Gula!

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More or less the new Apollo coach has worked with a dozen active internationals in the past

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<p>The first big surprise of Euro 2024 is a fact! The Slovakian national team beat Belgium 1-0, thus causing a special sensation, since this success came against the odds. It goes without saying that this three points is primarily credited to the team's coach, Francesco Calzona, at the same time that it must be emphasized that at the end of the day the difference was made by the former AEList, Ivan Srange.</p>
<p>From there on , it is worth reminding that Adrian Gula has built a very good name in his homeland, where, among other things, he is credited with the emergence of several players who currently make up the group of the Italian technician.</p>
<p>In total, the new “boss” of Apollo collaborated, at a collective level, with seven players who are on the mission for the German stadiums. For most of them he played a decisive role in their first steps as professionals, thus helping them to emerge.</p>
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We start with the main goalkeeper, Martin Dubraffka (now Newcastle), who worked with the 48-year-old in Zilina. In fact, Mr Gula caught up with him in his final year there, after 17 appearances he was transferred to Elsborg for €100,000.

Greater is his contribution to the stoppers, having worked with Milan Skriniar (Paris Saint-Germain), David Hadzko (Feyenoord) and Denis Vavro (Copenhagen).

The defender of the French champions (and head of Slovakia ) as he stated he once became a stopper because of Mr. Gula, who initially asked him to play in that position out of necessity. Before he was transferred from Zilina to Sampdoria for 5,000,000 euros, he made 77 appearances and scored two goals.

Το λιθαρακι του σηνΕικΣοακς… Γκολ!

In Zilina, he also had the other two stoppers under his guidance, with Hadsko (40 appearances and four goals) leaving in 2018 for Fiorentina for €3,800,000 and Vavros (87 appearances and ten goals) leaving for Copenhagen in 2017 for €1,400,000.

Hamburg midfielder Laszlo Bene made his debut with Gula in Žilina and after 42 appearances and two goals he was transferred to Gladbach for €5,000,000! In the category of those who took their first steps with Apollo's new coach is also Stanislav Lobotka of Napoli, who started his career in Trencin (36 appearances and two goals).

Το λιθαρακι του σηνΕικΣοακς… Γκολ!

Much shorter was the collaboration of Robert Bozenic with the experienced technician, who in his last season in Žilina gave the then 17-year-old striker the opportunity to make his debut. It was a cup match in 2017 where his side beat Zazavna 11-0 and the Boavista forward scored his first career goal.

Want more? In addition to them, he worked with five more who are in their country's final squad when he was the coach of the Slovakian National Team of Hope.

The reason for Marek Rodak (t), David Duris, Luka Haraslin, David Strelets and Lubomir Tupta. It is also noted that he had some of them under his instructions both in Žilina and in K21.

In conclusion, from the above, Dubraffka, Skriniar, Vavro, Hadsko, Lobotka, Xaraslin and Bozenik played as starters with Belgium, Strelets and Duris played as substitutes, while Rodak, Bene and Tupta stayed on the bench.

Of course if they didn't keep up the hard work they wouldn't be where they are today, but then again the new coach of the Limassol blue and white team is credited with helping twelve players of the Slovakian national team to lay the foundations…

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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