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Holy “war” between Kykkos Nikiforos and Archbishop: “Defamation of names, falsification of facts” sees the Metropolitan

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With an official announcement, the Metropolitan of Kykkos Nikiforos, goes on the counterattack, after what Archbishop Chrysostomos said to “P” towards him and for the Metropolitan < Tamasou, Isaiah, whom he described as Protestants because of their position on the subject of the Ukrainian Church's head.

This is the announcement of Kykkos Nikiforos:

Regarding the 2nd part of the interview of His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostom in the newspaper “Politis”, Monday, June 6, 2022,
we have to let us state the following:

In this interview, His Beatitude, among other things, refers to my face with inadmissible characterizations.

That is why, because these reports raise questions, if not scandal of the faithful, that is why justice demands an answer for the restoration of the truth and my Hierarchical dignity. First of all, with regard to the Ukrainian issue and the position of the Church of Cyprus on the whole issue, which His Beatitude raises, he is well aware that there are two unanimous Synodal decisions (12 February and 9 September 2020), which include maintaining neutrality on this issue. He himself, from what appears and from his interview, I am sure that he will remember these positions of the Synod, on the subject in question. For this reason, we directly submit to him: Who violated these decisions in the absence of the Synod, during the communion (October 24, 2020) at the Holy Monastery of Chrysorrogiatissis, where the ordination of Theophilestatos Bishop Pagrati, was mentioned.

Of course, himself!

As for the characterizations with which he stigmatizes me and another Hierarch as “Protestants” and “outside the Church”, this circumvents any trace ecclesiastical ethics and fraternal behavior. And yet, for the sake of truth, we declare that there has never been such a dialogue between us. Violators are those who falsify or despise the ecclesiastical rules and the ecclesiastical institutions. in terms of tarnishing faces and falsifying facts.

Source: politis.com.cy

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