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Hospitals deny treatment to the elderly – “Pay changes are coming”

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An issue arose with private hospitals as some of them refuse to treat elderly patients. The OAU Officer, Angelos Tropis, spoke about the issue in Mesimeri and Kati. 

He initially stated that unfortunately there is the possibility of choosing the patients treated by a hospital and it has been observed in some cases that there is a choice. "For this reason there will be changes in the way of remuneration in the new year". He added that it will have to do with evaluating the profile of hospitalized patients in order to ensure that all patients, regardless of their health status, receive the treatment they need.

Mr. Tropis explained that the law does not matter. “Each hospital has an allocated volume of work within its contract with the OAU and chooses itself how to use this volume of work”. He added that they want to ensure that all kinds of cases are included.
He also said that refusing to examine an elderly person has the consequence that it can happen when there is no timely diagnosis. "With the new way of compensation, incentives and disincentives will be strengthened so that such phenomena are not observed".

He clarified that there are hospitals where such a thing is not observed. "It is bad and we have to find ways to stop it".

He explained that many hospitals are afraid that the mortality rate that exists in the hospital will go up and as a result prevent people from being hospitalized there. «We want transparency in the indicators and quality criteria.  

Issue with non-GeSy doctors

The Audit Service in a post on Twitter states "We are concerned by the fact that the GeSY press representative publicly states that it is legal for non-GeSY doctors to operate on GeSY beneficiaries in GeSY hospitals. Essentially, the OAU itself is undermining the line of defense of its legal advisors.


Mr. Tropis speaking about the posting of the Audit Office, stated that this is the issue with the doctors whom the Organization had allow their hospitals to operate after legal advice. "The Attorney General has issued his opinion and the Agency has complied, called these doctors and set a specific date".

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