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“Hot episode” in Parliament for a supplementary budget

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The Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously voted the second supplementary budget for 2022, in which the total amount of additional appropriations required amounts to approximately € 171.8 million. At the same time, there was tension over the issue of naming the assistants of the independent officials, as well as the funding for the Georgios Grivas Digenis Foundation.

These additional costs relate to the extension of a series of measures against the coronavirus in the first months of 2022 and emergency costs as a result of the war in Ukraine. In addition, they cover additional needs for strengthening the defense shield, fire prevention, for social benefits, health benefits, sports and other requests. There was also a need to amend Article 16 of the Budget Law as well as the creation/abolition/renaming of positions.

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The most important expenses mentioned in the supplementary budget concern: Special Independent Services & nbsp; – € 6.4 million, Defense Shield – € 52.8 million, Water Purchase – € 36 million and OEDA – € 2 million, Retirement Allowance with Term during the Turkish Invasion – € 2.6 million and Social Pension approximately € 2.98 million.

The Plenary Assembly orally approved an amendment of AKEL with 29 votes in favor and 18 against for a cross-funding concerning the Georgios Grivas Digenis Foundation. , & nbsp; Assistant Auditor General and Assistant Auditor General, as a decision of the Supreme Court is pending on the issue of renaming the above positions. & nbsp; 23 voted in favor, 24 against and one abstention.

AKEL amendment was also rejected for the commitment of the item related to the granting of credits to the state-owned enterprise Partnership Cyprus (PCy), in order to secure share capital. 21 deputies voted in favor and 28 against.

AKEL amendment was also approved for the commitment of the amount of € 5,800,000 concerning the granting of credits for the purpose of repaying the port workers' loan in exchange for the reduction of the charging fees in the Port of Limassol. . 31 deputies voted in favor and 18.


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