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How pensioners are positioned for the Easter allowance – 'Not even half will get it'

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Πоς τοποθετο&nu τιστξοι τοπο&chi αλιεπδομα-«Οτε μισοδεν θα το παρον» /> who claim that the beneficiaries are less than half, who will receive the allowance in question.</b></p>
<p data-block-key=It is noted that the low pensioners today exceed 30,000 and for this reason, the decision to grant 14,000, did not leave the pensioners satisfied. As the Secretary General of the Union of Cypriot Pensioners, Kostas Skarparis, told REPORTER, “this thing is provocative and we mentioned it personally to the Deputy Minister of Welfare as soon as we finished the meeting with her. Pensioners know that when the Government deals with the issues of pensioners it is a big 'stinger', while a few days ago the President of the Republic himself announced a support package for vulnerable groups and the priority was to give 45 million to companies to exempt with a memorial measure”.

In a letter last March to the Deputy Minister of Welfare, the pensioners asked for the reinstatement of the criteria that were in force until 2012. From 2013 onwards, explained Mr. Skarparis, “the criteria were weakened, in such a way as to exclude the a large majority of low-income pensioners who do not receive the Easter allowance. While there is a poverty threshold for someone to be a low pensioner, which is 15,486 euros in the case of androgynous, the income criterion to be eligible to receive the Easter allowance is 12,000. Also, in the case of one person, the income criterion is at 7,000, while the poverty limit for one person is at 10,324 euros”.

Also, Mr. Skarparis stood on the 12% penalty imposed on pensions, characterizing it as another problematic point, with the Government, as he said, “not solving this the problem affecting thousands of pensioners and people who are vulnerable”.

Despite the fact that it is an important step to increase the Easter allowance by 60 euros for some pensioners, however, stressed G.G. of EKYSY, “thousands of low pensioners, more than half of them, are also affected by the accuracy like the rest of the pensioners. Does the Government consider that they don't want something extra to spend Easter with their families?” the fact that many pensioners are not going to celebrate Easter, due to financial difficulties they face. “Surely there will be pensioners who will have a hard time at Easter and it is no coincidence that our local EKYSY organization is preparing to give up to a hundred packages to needy families, among them many low-income pensioners who are not making ends meet. During the Easter period, with the additional costs and the cost of electricity and the other expenses that the low pensioners have, they are not enough with what they receive from their pensions”.

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Source: reporter.com.cy

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