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How SALA responds to “F” for an increase in pumping station costs

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How SALA responds to

The procedures in relation to the construction of the Recycled Water Pumping Station, which is being erected on the site of the West Limassol Wastewater Treatment Plant, have been carried out legally and as provided, according to the Limassol Amathus Sewerage Council (SALA).

In today's announcement, SALA responds to a relevant article in the newspaper “O Fileleftheros” about the lack of consultation and planning, resulting in an increase in the cost of the pumping station, noting that this was due to a revision of its specifications by the Department of Water Development (WDD) , on whose behalf the work is done.

Specifically, the Council states that the responsibility for determining the technical specifications and requirements for the Pumping Station lies with the WDD and that, by decision of the Council of Ministers, its construction was entrusted to the contractor of SALA, under the contract for design, construction and operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of West Limassol, with a total value of 40 million Euros.

While the construction works were in progress, it is mentioned in the announcement, on October 24, 2019, the WDD differentiated the specifications of its Pumping Station, from 2000 cubic meters, to 8000 cubic meters. The revised specifications of the WDD, it is added, were forwarded by SALA to the Consulting Engineers and the contractor for redesign and costing, with the result that the construction cost, from 1.2 million euros, was revalued to 6.6 million euros.

“The cost for the design, construction and operation of the Pumping Station is paid by the WDD, which is also its owner”, the announcement states and it is emphasized that “the decision such as the construction of the revised WWD Pumping Station was assigned to the existing contractor. competent committees, taking into account all relevant data “.

Finally, SALA assures that all actions regarding this issue were carried out legally and all the prescribed procedures were followed.

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