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“I cried more than any other day”… Open letter from the mother of the unfortunate Marilena

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    «E&kappa ;λαψα περισσoτερο απo κaθε aλλη μeρ α»… Ανοικτor επιστολor απo τη μητe&rho

    Open letter from the mother of the unfortunate Marilena – Disappointment at the imposition of a two-year sentence on the driver of the vehicle involved

    The mother of Marilena Perikleous lashes out against justice.

    Margarita Papanikolaou heard with displeasure and disappointment the sentence imposed by the Court on the 25-year-old driver who dragged her daughter Marilena to her death, in the summer of 2020.

    With open letter she publishes via Facebook with notification to the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice asking for answers about the sentence imposed by the Court for the death of her daughter who was killed at the age of 19.

    «What I wanted when I went to Court to hear the sentence that will be imposed on the driver of the vehicle in question, was justice. Instead I saw a justice incomplete. A justice that ultimately favors the accused. No report on the victim. My daughter. Who, like so many others, paid with her life the price of fatal accidents.

    And I heard how insignificant my daughter was to justice. How insignificant all the victims are.

    I cried, more than any other day for my daughter. For our Marilena” writes Mrs. Papanikolaou.

    • The justice did not come, the family erupted upon hearing the sentence. “Is my Marilena worth that much?”
    • A caress sentence for Marilena
    • Two years in prison for the driver who drove away to the death of 19-year-old Marilena

    This is her post:

    «Εκλαψα περισσ τερο απo κaθε πιστολor απo τη μητeρα της Ατυχης Μ αριλeνας

    «Eκλαψ&alpha περισσoτερο απo κaθε aλλη μeρα»… Α νοικτor επιστολor απo τη μητeρα τη&sigmaf ; Ατυχης Μαριλενας

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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