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“I want, I can” for Hellenic Bank customers again this year

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Home Loan, Car Financing and Business Loan are the main options for all customer needs

Hellenic Bank's financial products offer solutions for all needs, where for customers “What I want becomes I can”. Home Loan, Car Financing and Business Loan are the main options for customers to make their wishes come true.

The Home Loan offers a fixed interest rate option for the first 3.5 or 10 years depending on the duration of the loan. The amount of the loan can be up to 80% of the value of the main residence and the remaining 20% ​​is either paid by the buyer in cash or financed by Hellenic Bank through the mortgage of an additional property. The maximum duration of the loan is 30 years. In addition, the “Green Home” product offers more favorable housing loan pricing for the construction of a “green home” energy class A, as well as for the renovation/energy upgrade of an existing home in A.

Car Financing is offered for the purchase of a new or used car with the option of a fixed interest rate, so that again I want it to be possible. It is a comprehensive solution that includes a discount on car insurance from Pancyprian Insurance and a lower interest rate if the car is “green”. In particular, for the purchase of new electric and hybrid cars, financing is offered with a more favorable interest rate, a fixed monthly installment, a repayment period of up to 7 years, with no initial bank costs and no early repayment costs.

Finally, the Professional Loan concerns customers who wish to house or develop their business or need professional equipment. Hellenic Bank is always at the side of its business customers, offering a wide range of lending products for the implementation of their development and business plans. At the same time, it offers quality products and integrated services with advice and incentives to its customers, encouraging them to improve their environmental performance.

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