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“I would never see Konstantinos Argyros romantically, even though he is a doll”

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    H Nancy Paradisanougranted an interview to Konstantinos Vassalos for the needs of Mega's show, “Smile Again”. Among other things, the well-known journalist and presenter talked about television, Survivor, and her friend Konstantinos Argyros.

    “I don't like the intrigue on TV this season at all. They go to work to answer their personal questions and not to be entertained. 'Hello' is one of those shows that I think keeps the pretenses. 'Happy Day', Fai Scordas, are shows that I watch with a pleasant mood. I have been accused whenever I defend Faye in public, that I do so because she is my friend. I like Eleni Menegaki very much, as well as your show. We have become afraid to speak our mind because we will be accused of doing PR. I don't need it,” said Nancy Paradisanou first and then added:

    “I had been offered Survivor. The first time I hung up and they called me back. They were giving me 5,000 euros to go but it's not all about the money. I cannot answer if I would stay at Maria Bakodimou or if I would go to Fai Skorda. For me to choose a show to be on, the team and the cast come into play. I would choose to work with Faye because of the entertainment content of her show. Liagas makes an update, which he does well. Faye is at a level of career where she has eaten everything with a spoon, both the perfect numbers and the hard times. I would work with her again”.

    Finally, Nancy Paradisanou revealed: “The model man I like is Panos Vlahos. I have seen sex my friend. I would never see Konstantinos Argyros romantically, even though he is a doll. We are friends!”.

    Watch the video below:


    Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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