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Ilia: They burned the house of the 37-year-old who killed the 11-year-old – Fears of a feud between the families

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ΗλεΙα: Eκαψαν τ οοιοοοωε νρνη –οαβταμεα y των οικογενειoν /></p>
<p class=The incident happened while relatives and friends were saying their last goodbyes to 11-year-old Vasiliki

Anger, hatred and grief reign among the family members of 11-year-old Vasiliki, who was murdered at the hands of her own uncle — her mother's cousin — who had attempted to rape her before taking her life in the village. Myrtia of the Tower of Ilias.

Yesterday, Wednesday, relatives and friends said goodbye to the child forever, but unable to realize what has happened and demanding justice now.

At the time the funeral was being held , the house of the 37-year-old murderer was engulfed in flames, a detached house in which he lived with his wife, whenever they went to the village.ΗλεΙα: Eκαψαν το &sigma ;πιτουσσε ρο–οιβεαμεατ ων οικογενειoν


According to ilialive.gr, the relatives of the perpetrator's wife revealed that someone had threatened to burn them, which eventually came true.



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“Your dad is a murderer”

The words of the 37-year-old perpetrator's wife, who is a childhood friend of the 11-year-old's mother, are shocking.

She spoke to Alpha and described the moment she saw her husband and the murder of little Vasiliki, after the brutal crime .

“I asked him 'why did you do this to the little boy?' Didn't you think about your children? He looked at me and didn't speak,'” she said.

ΗλεΙα: Eκαψαν το &sigma ;πιτουσσε ρο–οιβεαμεατ ων οικογενειoν

She even stated that she told her children the truth. “I told them their dad is a murderer, he's going to jail and he's never coming back.” “For us he is dead”, were her words afterwards.

Indeed, she also referred to the night after the crime, when Vasiliki's killer returned to his home.

“He returned before midnight and fell asleep immediately”, he concluded.

On Friday the apology

The 37-year-old is expected to apologize next Friday. He was charged with intentional homicide, attempted rape of a minor, abduction of a minor, use of a weapon and carrying a weapon.

ΗλεΙα: Eκαψαν το &sigma ;πιτουσσε ρο–οιβεαμεατ ων οικογενειoν

ΗλεΙα: Eκαψαν το &sigma ;πιτουσσε ;ρο–οιβεαμεατ ων οικογενειoν

ΗλεΙα: Eκαψαν το &sigma ;πιτουσσε ;ρο–οιβεαμεατ ων οικογενειoν

Ηλελα: Eκαψ αοποοσοω εηνοονεε ταξy των οικογενειoν /></p>
<p> source: in.gr<br />
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