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Illegal timber flourishes: Autopsy at Forest Department blocks (VIDEO)

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ΑνθεΙ η παρανο μη ξυλεiα: Αυτοψiα στα μπλoκα του &Tau ;μorματος Δασoν (ΒΙΝΤΕΟ)

While the fireplaces and the wood stoves have been fired up to heat the houses, sharpshooters cut down trees illegally and sell them as firewood.

SIGMA did an autopsy on the roadblocks that the Forestry Department is setting up to crack down on illegality, which is taking on alarming proportions.  
Shortly after 12:00 and the inspectors are conducting intensive checks for illegal logging of trees, for illegal trafficking of firewood and for unlicensed traders.  

«Firewood is considered any cut wood whether it comes from tree trunks or roots. “Anyone who trades in firewood must also have the appropriate permit,” the Press Representative of the Forestry Department, Giorgos Konstantinou, told SIGMA.

During the checks the forest officials ask for the documents proving that the wood was obtained legally.    

«In addition to the patrols in the forests, we go out into the streets and stop vehicles to do the necessary checks, given that we have some suspicion that he is dealing in firewood,», noted Mr. Constantinou.

Penalties and fines

In the event that a person sells timber without the necessary permit, he can be fined up to 5,000 euros or even one year  imprisonment.

Also, those who have illegally obtained firewood on their property are punished with an extrajudicial fine of up to 1,000 euros.   

The Department of Forestry through the mouth of the Spokesman appeals to the public when it comes to a trader to ask him to show his license.

More checks are requested the merchants

Firewood traders are asking for more checks to protect their jobs and to crack down on illegal logging.

«We as firewood traders are asking for stricter checks and more often to crack down on illegality and protect the environment”, said the firewood dealer, Kostas Agapiou.

"Kaine" the prices of firewood

However, consumers are in the crosshairs of the precision.

On the one hand, electricity and oil have skyrocketed. On the other hand, firewood is not back, with households entering into a dilemma. it is better for people to get offers from various people and then decide where to get their wood from. As the Department of Forestry, we have kept the prices stable and in recent years we have not submitted any increase in sales prices, Mr. Constantinou emphasized, among other things. this winter promises to be difficult.

Watch the video: 


Source: www.sigmalive.com

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