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Immense sadness: A great Greek director has “passed away” – “Good night father. You endured”

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<p>“Time to rest father. Goodbye…”</p>
<p>The news of the death of the great Greek director, <strong>Tassos Birsim, spread immense sadness. </strong></p>
<p>He “passed away” yesterday, Wednesday, June 5 at 18:55.</p>
<p>Tasos Birsim connected his name with the gatherings of Andreas Papandreou, while he wrote his own story on Greek television.</p>
<p>The unpleasant fact of his death was announced by his son <strong>Stamos</strong> through a particularly touching post he made on his personal account on the online platform Facebook.</p>
<p>“Good night father. You endured. You fought bravely and until your last breath your camera is steady. Positive. Bright. Like your life, your career. Your family. You hugged them all with the biggest protective hug. Guide them. To love them. Advise them.</p>
<p>Time to rest father. Goodbye…</p>
<p>Today 5/6/2024, Tasos Birsim, the much-loved director of Andreas Papandreou, passed away.</p>
<p>With deep sadness, Stamos and Marouso Birsim and the family Tasos Birsim announces that beloved husband, father and grandfather, Tasos Birsim, passed away on Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 6:55 p.m. The funeral procession and cremation will take place in a close family circle.</p>
<p>Tasos Birsim, the personal charismatic director of the late Andreas Papandreou, was a television director at ERT during the 1980s. He was at the center of the foundation and creation of the private television of Ant1, Mega and SKAI in Greece until recently.</p >
<p>With student registration number 1 in 1965 at the P. PAPANTONOPOULOU Film and Television School, Tasos Birsim began in the late 60s a passionate career in Greek television that soon brought him close to Andreas Papandreou and the biggest Greek political events with PASOK.</p>
<p>With the reception of the Euro in 2002, the Opening Ceremony of ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS Airport in 2001, the Millennium Ceremony – “ We welcome the year 2000 in the LIGHT of the Acropolis”, the inauguration of the Rio Bridge – Antirriou Charilaos Trikoupis in 2004, Tasos Birsim creates history at the heart of the great events of our country.<br />With frequent visits to more than 130 television stations around the world, awarded with the 1st prize “SOLDIERS and PEOPLE” at the 1994 Rome festival, Tasos Birsim tirelessly dreamed of modernizing television production in our country always focusing on man. Behind the cameras with the talented technicians and in front of the cameras with his favorite presenters, Tasos Birsim created thousands of hours of television with passion and great respect for the viewer.</p>
<p>He was a pioneer in the organization and direction of large live international political and sports meetings. From the Acropolis Rally, to the Mediterranean Athletics Games, the Eurobasket, the Pan-European Athletics Championship, the reception of the Olympic Games in 1996 as well as the opening ceremony, closing ceremony of ATHINA '97.</p>
<p>From 2017 until recently Tasos Birsim was the director of the show “With Virtue and Courage” of the Armed Forces.</p>
<p>From his beloved Leonidio in Arcadia, two years ago, Irini Nikolopoulou wrote:</p>
<p>“Tasos didn't become rich because he didn't care about money, but he focused with passion on whatever he did.</p>
<p>And if the legend wants him to multiply with the lenses, his orders to the cameras and his buttons on the console of the control room of ERT, the fans of the gatherings of the first years of PASOK, which brought him fame and established him as a wizard of television directing, the truth is this: Tasos remained simple, humble, soulful, a man above above all with warmth, soft-spoken and a man of velvet.”<br />In the following link a look behind the cameras of Tasos Birsim during the concert of Stamatis Spanoudakis that he directed with great love under the shadow of the Acropolis in Herodeion last October (music – concert copyright Stamatis Spanoudakis).”, wrote features the son of <strong style=Tasso Birsim, Stamos. 

ΑπΕραντη θλΙψη: «Εφυγ επηζποσλησσ ηοησ«ληπατε ;ξες»



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