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Immigration for the 3rd position – The DIKO-ELAM conflict culminates

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Μεταναστευτι κιτηκοοσ ;κρουση ΔΗΚΟ- ΕΛΑΜ

They play everything for everything and culminate the battle against each other in the battle for 3rd place. DIKO and ELAM are at odds with the leaders of the two parties finally making a triple appointment on TV panels to resolve their differences. It started with the Omega TV station and will continue today on the midday broadcasts of Sigma and Ant1.

Nikolas Papadopoulos and Christos Christou will meet face-to-face and exchange fire.The first, seeking to “hit” ELAM with the immigration issue, which was considered as one of the issues he puts forward to win votes. On the other hand, the president of ELAM picked up the gauntlet of the challenge and responded positively to the challenge for a televised debate between the two, considering how it is an opportunity for him and ELAM to expose the policies of DIKO and the other parties on the immigration issue.< /p>

At the same time, in ELAM they consider that immigration is a very sensitive issue for Cypriot society, due to the increase in the number of immigrants in Cyprus and therefore with their positions, they can play on their own field.

On the other hand, of course, DIKO believes that they managed to catch ELAM's foot with the statements of the president of the party, Christos Christos, about granting passports to immigrants. Although ELAM officially characterized the whole matter as a distortion, the statements of its president are being played on the internet by DIKO as a confirmation that he spoke about granting passports to immigrants on the grounds that they will leave the Republic of Cyprus.

However, the important thing for DIKO is that it keeps the specific issue in the news in one way or another, considering that this exposes the far-right party and is an opportunity to play on the terms it plays on. It basically seeks to send the message to the citizens that ELAM expresses politically impractical proposals, but at the same time it also expresses dangerous proposals. That is why the challenge-challenge for discussion between the two was with an open agenda of issues.

Of course, the big bet for Nikolas Papadopoulos and DIKO is to manage to rally his party through this confrontation. His confrontation with the president of ELAM in a joint television plan, may touch the sensitive chords of traditional folk who, for different reasons, may present themselves as distanced from the party and not go or declare that they will not go to the polls.< /p>

Under these circumstances, DIKO managed to keep the issue in the news for almost a week. Yesterday Nikolas Papadopoulos went one step further by publicly inviting the president of ELAM to a debate.

“The people saw with their eyes and heard with their ears the president of ELAM Christos Christos proposing, as a solution to the immigration issue, that passports and travel documents be given to all immigrants. Now that we have revealed what dangerous things they have proposed, ELAM's only response is that their positions have allegedly been distorted. So I challenge Mr. Christou to a televised debate on all matters. If he believes that their positions have been distorted, let him come and clarify them, in a debate on immigration, the positions of our parties on the economy, the Cyprus issue and anything else subject he himself wishes. Dialogue is a basic foundation of democracy. The world must know the truth and the positions of all of us. Let them stop hiding,” said Nikolas Papadopoulos. Christos Christou responded positively and they immediately made television appointments.

At ELAM they estimate that the joint presence of the two also highlights the battle of the two parties for the 3rd position, giving the opportunity to the leader of their party to transfer his positions to audience and by sending the message that the party has grown it is fighting against the traditional parties. In the Cypriot far-right party, they largely complain about the way they are treated by the media, considering that they are not given the time they deserve.  What ELAM circles note is that their president also wants a debate with all party leaders on all issues

Source: www.philenews.com

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