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Important evidence for the Middle and Late Chalcolithic period in Cyprus brought to light by excavations

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Στο φως σημα&nu ;τικα στοιχεΙα για τη ΜΕση και Ύστε ρη Χαλκολιθικor περiοδο στην Κyπ&rho ;ο απo ανασκαφeς

Important data for the Middle and Late Chalcolithic period in Cyprus from 3500 BC. until 2,500 BC have brought to light the results of the 2022 excavation survey at the Chlorakas – Palloures site, which has been completed, according to the Department of Antiquities.

As stated in an announcement from the Department, which is transmitted by the IGT, the excavations are being conducted under the direction of Professor Dr. Bleda Düring from the University of Leiden.

In particular, the excavations brought to light a building in an excellent state of preservation. , whose walls are preserved up to a meter high, an extremely rare find for Prehistoric Cyprus.

This building was destroyed by a fierce fire as indicated by the thick layer of ash and the number of whole vessels, sanders and mortars uncovered on its floor. The state of preservation of the building and the deposits on the floor are important evidence that will contribute not only to the reconstruction of the buildings where man lived 5000 years ago but also to the revelation of the activities that took place inside them.

It is added that in parallel with the excavation activity, the Leiden team was engaged in the conservation of the archaeological material and in particular the welding of the large number of broken vessels, which had been found the previous year in another building which had also been destroyed by fire.

The preservation of vessels provides information regarding – apart from their shape, type and size – the type of liquid or solid foods that may have been stored in them.

With great dedication, the Leiden team managed to weld the shattered vessels, which were transferred at the end of the excavation period to the Archaeological Museum of Paphos District for safekeeping and storage suspension, the announcement concludes.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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