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In 333 the Management Companies and Collective Investment Organizations

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Στι&sigma ; 333 οι ΕταιρεΙες ΔιαχεΙρισης και ο ι ΟργανισμοΙ Συλλογικoν Επενδy&sigma ;εων

There were 333 Management Companies and Collective Investment Organizations in the 3rd quarter of 2022, with funds under management amounting to €9.9 billion.

According to the quarterly statistical bulletin issued by the Cyprus Capital Market Commission (CCM) and presenting the most important data for the Collective Investments sector in Cyprus, in the 3rd quarter of 2022 the CCM has under its supervision a total of 333 Collective Investment Management Companies and Organizations of Collective Investment Schemes (SSI), compared to 330 in the second quarter of the year or 298 in the corresponding period of 2021, recording an increase of 0.90% and 11.74%, respectively. Of these, 242 have activities.

Of the 333 organizations, 212 were Externally Managed OSEs, 43 Internally Managed OSEs and 78 External Fund Managers. The total number of Management Companies includes 46 AIFMs, 65 AIFMs – Below the Limits, 4 UCITS Management Companies and 6 Dual Licensed Companies (AIFMs and UCITS Management Companies).

Based on the data of the 3rd quarter of 2022, the total Assets Under Management amounted to €9.9 billion, recording a decrease of 7.2% in relation to the second quarter of 2022, while in relation to the same period in 2021 the reduction is of the order of 14.7%. The decrease in the value of investments is due to acquisitions, as well as devaluation of assets or sale of assets. Given the conditions that prevailed in the last two years, the Collective Investments sector could not remain unaffected.

The total Net Asset Value was €8.9 billion. About 62% of the Assets Under Management, came from AIFMs, 12% from AIFM-under-thresholds, 17% from AIFMs and UCITS Management Companies, 8% from UCITS Management Companies and just 1% from supervised UCITS, which are managed by non-Cypriot Management Companies .

Approximately 81.7% of the UCITS Assets Under Management were invested in Transferable Securities and 11% in bank deposits, while 5.9% were in UCITS and OSE unit investments. With regard to OEE, OEEPAP and KOEE, 42.7% of the Assets Under Management concerned investments in Private Equity Capital and 8.7% in Compensation Capital.

A total of 208 OSEs have activities. 85% of the Assets Under Management are held by 188 Cypriot OSEs (13 OSEKAs, 56 OEE, 54 OEEPAP and 65 KOEE). Out of the total of 208 OSEs with activities, 166 invest in Cyprus partially or fully with the amount of this investment corresponding to €2.4 billion or 23.8% of the total Assets Under Management. 69.3% of investments in Cyprus concern investments in Private Equity, while investments in Real Estate make up 12.4%.

From the categorization of UCITS investors, it can be seen that the vast majority are private investors (98.8%). With regard to AIFs, OEEPAPs and KIEEs, 21.3% of all investors are professional investors, 65.8% sufficiently informed investors and only 12.9% private investors.

Finally, in terms of investments of OSEs in specific sectors during the third quarter of 2022, the Assets Under Management in the Energy sector amounted to €386.4 million (3.913% of the total ESA), in the Fintech sector to €3.1 million (0.031% of the total EYD), of Shipping at €117.7 million (1.191% of the total EYD), of sustainable investments at €42.9 million (0.434% of the total EYD) and in the crypto-currency sector at €4, 5 million (0.046% of the total EYD).

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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