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In a little while we will get used to the G3 in the stadiums…

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The most tragic of all, on the occasion of the latest events with the burned cars outside Tsirio, is that these incidents no longer cause much impression. We got used to them. We used to throw flares or Molotov cocktails at our fellow citizens, we have been used for a few years now to the “flame guns” that are fired from one stand to another. As for the stone war and the wood, these are now considered “innocent” actions. We got used to it all and move on with our lives.

The other to work day and night to repay the loan he took to buy a car and some to set him on fire and destroy it. And who knows if someone will lose his life in the fire that will be caused? Nail does not burn them. Have you thought about where we have reached? We are a village in a city in Europe and we kill each other. A village. And it's important that we are a village, since a handful of people expose the authorities and the state every year. -twenty people catch them asleep every year. That is, what do the state leaders and the competent authorities expect? Should some take the G3 and stand guard outside the stadium? This is left to be done… With the minds we carry, we will get used to it.

For so many years, those in power have been trying to find solutions to the gangrene of violence and things are simple. You do not need any Einstein to solve the puzzle. Arrests, severe and dissuasive punishments (severe and not caressing the ears), in order to send the message to the thugs that their every act will have a cost. In our village, not only do the thugs not feel this “threat” in the slightest, but they also have written the laws and the punishments…

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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