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In a murky landscape is the mission of Holguin Cuellar. Only the Turkish obsessions are certain

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    From day to day the landscape becomes clearer in relation to the context in which the personal envoy of Antonio Guterres will move &#8211 ; Nicosia has not yet received an update on the date of arrival on the island – The Turks insist on two states and sovereign equality – They remain firmly unmoved

    Determined to drive the ship to the rocks, Turkey and a pseudo-state are preparing to put the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General on the Cyprus issue in the air. As soon as she sets foot in the occupied territories, Maria Ángela Holguín Cuejar will realize that her mission will move into an extremely difficult area full of inaccessible obstacles.

    < p dir="ltr">The Cyprus issue is at a tragic point because of the Turkish side's insistence on a two-state solution. In yet another outburst of bigotry, Ersin Tatar repeated yesterday that “if there is to be an agreement in Cyprus, it will be based on an agreement for two separate states”. Without leaving the slightest shred of hope that there can be move from this position.

    The Turkish Cypriot leader was speaking at the opening ceremony of the giant Swat Gunsel Mosque in occupied Nicosia. The ceremony was attended on behalf of Erdogan by Turkish Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz, who made sure to silence Ersin Tatar's crowns with resounding messages in favor of the independence of the illegal formation. An idiosyncratic independence, as it is understood that Ankara has no intention of leaving the island.

    That is why Yilmaz made it clear that “those who try to cut off the TRNC from the world will not succeed” adding that for every door they (the Greek Cypriots) close, Turkey will open another one so that the pseudo-state can receive the position they think he deserves on the international stage.

    “There is no point in wasting energy trying again and again methods that have been tried for years but have not yielded results”, said the Turkish Vice President wanting to argue in favor of a two state solution. There is no alternative for Ankara, as is clear from the statements of the two officials.

    Details are being clarified

    The Turkish side is clearly showing which path it will follow in the context of the new envoy's upcoming effort. What is not yet clear is the context in which Holguin Cuellar will operate and for how long she has assumed this role. left a lot of room for different interpretations between the two parties.The Turkish side considers that since this is a personal envoy, the official will not report to the Security Council and her duty will only be of an advisory nature to the Secretary General.

    On the other hand the Greek Cypriot side stands by the report that wants the official to assume a role of good services, therefore it is guided by the resolutions of the UN Security Council. Within this framework, the Government hopes that there will be a clear record of who deviated from the agreed framework and has been holding the process “hostage” for years.

    After its meetings in New York , Holguin Queillar will decide exactly when she will come to Cyprus for the first time. Some information states that her first visit to the island will take place at the beginning of February, after the renewal of UNFICYP's mandate. However, for the time being, Nicosia has no information. As he has no information if the six-month schedule that he requested and claims that the Turkish side received is valid.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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