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In a state of shock the little girl who was “forgotten” alone in a school bus for 4 hours

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The vision of the creators of the kindergarten in Varkiza may be according to their site “the children come happy and leave happy”, but in the case of 2-year-old Annoula this was not the only case, as according to what became known, the child remained for at least 4 hours forgotten in the school vehicle and in fact in the driver's neighborhood in Voula.

The incident took place on Monday morning and has upset the parents of the children who go to the specific school, because everyone was informed about it yesterday by the news and the internet, as the station officials made sure that not the slightest thing was found out earlier.

As the mother of 2-year-old Ioanna Karvela told protothema.gr, if it were not for the girl listening to her child's cries and calling for help, no one knows what might have happened: school and at 1 instead of 25 the police called me to ask if I had any information… Then they explained to me what happened “says the mother of the two-year-old.

He continues: “The girl who realized this, found it locked on the bus in Voula (the school is in Varkiza). The child was in shock and fastened with the belt on the bus seat for four hours. The girl heard the child's voice, looked for it, went and rang the bells. “Eventually, he called the number he saw on the bus.” “Before I got to the spot, the people in charge of the station had gone and asked the girl, who is a babysitter, to leave and not to call the police. She said she was not going to leave and would wait. I owe her the life of my child and I will owe her for my whole life “, the mother continued.

“The child from yesterday does not sleep at all, he does not let me go to work, he is in a state of shock. It seems that the driver parked the bus at his house and went to rest “.

At the same time, the managers of the kindergarten in Varkiza, including the driver, the attendant, a daycare center, the director and the owner, were released by a prosecutor's decision until the preliminary examination is completed. The prosecutor who handled the case asked before any other procedure to gather all the necessary information and testimonies that will complete the case file.

According to the chronicle, it all happened on Monday morning, when the school bus handed over the children to the kindergarten in Varkiza with the driver then returning home. However, during this process, no one noticed that a two-year-old girl had fallen asleep inside the bus.

The driver went to his house on Krystalli and Eleftherias streets in Voula, while the little girl did not look for anyone from the kindergarten during the day. At one point the unfortunate little girl woke up and realized that it was locked at a time when the heat and the closed windows made the atmosphere inside the school bus suffocating.

About four hours later, at 12:00, while the infant was crying and screaming, a woman heard his voices and called the police. Then the driver was notified and finally the two-year-old girl was released. The parents were immediately notified, who filed a lawsuit against the driver for exposing a minor to danger.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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