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In an open line with those involved in halloumi, the Ministry. Georgia-“Away from unnecessary confrontations and extremes”

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Σε ανοικτor γρ αμμor με εμπλεκoμενους για το χα&lambda ;λουμι το Υπ. ΓεωργΙας-«ΜακριΑ απ αχρεΙαστες αντιπαραθΕσεις κα&iota ; ακρότητες»

The Ministry of Agriculture is in contact with all the agencies involved, so that the necessary actions can be taken to resolve the issues that have arisen regarding halloumi , after the announcement of the goat and sheep farmers for mobilizations.

In its announcement, the Ministry of Agriculture notes that it is monitoring the developments and that “the primary objective of YGAAP is the preserving the protection of the product through its registration as a PDO and maintaining the very large benefits of registration for the agricultural economy of our country”.

“It is considered that the disputes that have arisen between goat and sheep farmers and cheese makers can be resolved through dialogue away from unnecessary confrontations and extremes that do not serve either side”, he notes.

“The YGAAP is in contact with all the agencies involved and is taking the necessary actions to resolve the issues that have arisen as soon as possible”, the Ministry of Agriculture concludes in the announcement.

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