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In Cyprus, two of the lucky fives of Joker-Posa win

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Στην Κyπρο δyο &alpha ;πo τα τυχερa πεντaρια του Τζoκερ- Πoσα κερδζουν

The super lucky winner of the Joker lottery was found in Greece, who became 6.1 million euros richer, but this does not mean that luck has turned its back on the Cypriots, since two of the fives were located in Cyprus.

Specifically, in the second category (5s) there were five (5) successes, which win the amount of €20,817.06 each.

Among these five tickets and two Cypriots, their participation is not accidental.  

The amount that will be shared by the lucky winners of the 1st category in the next draw on THURSDAY 12/01/2023 is €600,000 at least.

Στην Κύπρο δύο από τα τυ χερa πεντaρια του Τζoκερ-Πoσα κερ δiζουν

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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