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In Greece they made a game to detect fake news – Lets play!

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In Greece they made a game to detect fake news - Lets play!

The Electronic Media laboratory of the Department of Journalism of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki turned the steps of controlling a news story into a game, so that they can be more easily understood by the public.

His name: “Mathe the game”.

The game was developed in the context of Dr.'s doctoral dissertation. Anastasia Katsaunidou, columnist for “Greek Hoaxes” and lecturer in the Department of Digital Media and Communication at the Ionian University.

But how did control become a game?

First, it encourages users to search for the title or key phrases of the article on the internet. Second, it encourages them to use reverse image search. This tool shows if the photo already exists on the internet and has been tampered with. The third tool is digital image analysis. With the help of algorithms it is determined whether the image has been processed. Finally, the fourth tool helps to search for news on event control websites, such as “Hellenic Hoxaxes”.

Lets play!


The game is currently running on a specific news repository. The aim of the workshop is to develop Mathethegame so that it can be used for every news item and to make the most of it.

Source: politis.com.cy

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