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In-patient wards are reopening at Polis Chrysochous Hospital

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On January 15, 2023, the reopening of the inpatient wards of the Polis Chrysochous Hospital is expected, according to the Minister of Health Michalis Hatzipantela, who attended a meeting at the Municipal Hall of Polis Chrysochous, which was attended by the president of the State Health Services Organization, Marios Panagidis, the Executive Director of Limassol and Paphos Hospitals, Christos Nikolaou, the Mayor of Polis Chrysochous, Yotis Papachristofis, and community leaders of the area.  

In his statements after the meeting, Mr. Hatzipandelas stated that he is happy to announce that nine of the ten requests that the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous and in general the residents of the Polis Chrysochous apartment area had already  implemented.

He said that in relation to the last request, that of the reopening of the inpatient wards, they will reopen on January 15, 2023. He also pointed out that they do not dwell on this fact alone, saying that they have agreed that by January 15 they will think all ways to further strengthen Polis Chrysochous Hospital.

He explained that they will study whether this can become a specialized center as is the case with the Troodos Hospital. We must, continued Mr. Hatzipantela, think for the good of the region and for the good of the world. He also expressed the hope that when they inaugurate the new wards they will have something else to announce.

In his statements, the Mayor of Polis Chrysochous Yotis Papachristofis mentioned that  the reopening of the inpatient wards of the Polis Chrysochous Hospital was the last request of the City Municipality and he thanked the Minister of Health and the Health and Safety Authority.

Our goal, he said, is the viability of the Polis Chrysochous Hospital so that it can provide its services in the area of ​​the Polis Chrysochous apartment that are necessary.

The President of OKYpY Marios Panagidis said addressing the local agencies that “the actions we are taking are such that we want to win your trust”. He then referred to the strengthening of the Polis Chrysochous Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department, the radiology department, the Chemistry department, the cardiologist and also the manning of a second ambulance which, however, has not yet been fully staffed in terms of crew.

The Executive Director of Limassol and Paphos Hospitals Christos Nikolaou said, among other things,  that the re-opening of the in-patient wards of Polis Chrysochous Hospital was set for January 15, 2023 due to the fact that the staff who will staff the wards are already employed in other state hospitals.

In the meantime, the meeting was also attended by the MP EDEK Elias Myrianthous who referred to the necessity of a long-term plan so that the inpatient wards of the Polis Chrysochous Hospital can reopen for the next 15 years.

The the president of the Council of Argakas Spyros Pelopidas noted that the residents of the Polis Chrysos apartment they ask for their local Hospital  since it is not an easy task to visit local patients in private clinics.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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