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In the age of the post-universe

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In the age of the post-universe

Facebook and the wider social media and communication ecosystem it has created with platforms such as Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp are today the most influential digital entity on the planet.

Mark Zuckerberg's idea to set up a digital album for students and connect them has literally created a new world, changing social interactions, the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we consume news, the way we form political and social views. events. This new world has its positives, but it has also given birth to many distortions, most notably the gigantism of misinformation and the over-concentration of power in a private organization. Experts estimate that in the end the social media sector will be regulated, as is the case with the banking sector. Internet giants (Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) have a power that transcends state institutions. The companies themselves realize this and fall back to where they should be, as was done with their taxation, accepting the global rate of 15%.

But we have a new challenge ahead of us. At a time when Mark Zuckerberg's empire is under pressure, following the revelations of public interest witness Francis Haugen, that Facebook knew how addictive it was and that Instagram (with the “beauty” model and lifestyle it promotes) provokes stress on teens, the most popular social media is attempting a leap, creating a new virtual world for users. The change of corporate identity to “Meta”, a Greek word is not a simple marketing move.

This is a leap because Facebook's effectiveness and resources can bring in any use to the so-called metaverse. A post-universe is defined as a speculative future repetition of the internet, consisting of permanent, shared, three-dimensional virtual spaces connected to a perceived virtual universe. The meta-universe in a broader sense can refer not only to virtual worlds, but to the internet as a whole, including the whole spectrum of augmented reality.

Virtual and augmented reality technology exists, and Zuckerberg wants to make the most of it by introducing users to a parallel life experience. The uses are wider.

“In the future you will be able to teleport instantly as a hologram to be in the office without moving, at a concert with friends or in your partner's living room,” says Zuckerberg.

Many analysts have ridiculed Facebook co-founder's new vision, but Zuckerberg is introducing the global village to the concept of the post-universe. Even if Zuckerberg's venture fails, there are already many startups working on Metaverse applications. This new industry is estimated to be at its peak in 15 years. A new world is rising.

Source: politis.com.cy

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